Custom Christmas Tree Lot Paintings

This is the last Christmas project from 2016 that I’m going to share here.  And it’s my favorite.


These are painted on 8×10 watercolor paper.  I custom design them based on the number of children.  I, of course, made myself one (not pictured here because my children’s names are on it, but just as many trees).  It said “Welcome to our little lot.”

Some of the others were for “Nana”,  “Aunt Sandy”, “Grandma”, etc.  This year I made one for each of our pastor’s wives for Christmas.  Each one of them cried!  Two of our pastor’s wives had their children listed (one has 5 and the other has 4 children) and on the third, I used the names of her grandchildren (6 of them).  I haven’t yet made one of these for a family with only 2-3 children/grandchildren, but I imagine that when I do, I will probably turn the paper so that it is taller than wide.  Or perhaps “Mom” and “Dad” could be included too.

I’m hoping to sell more of these custom tree lots this coming Christmas if I can.

I’d love to here if anyone might be interested!

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