The Best Conversation… Hearts ~ In Watercolor


Real life has kicked in and what I said at the beginning of this whole journey is really happening.  I do this in my spare time, and these days I don’t have much.  January was great for posting because I had a lot of content from the past year plus to share.  In addition to that I had a project with a deadline I was working on and my husband was working evenings helping a friend on a house project for 10 days so I was alone at night a lot (I paint a lot more when he’s not around).

In the last 4-5 days I’ve painted hardly at all… surely not conducive to finishing projects. 🙂  That said, this project isn’t finished either, but I wanted to show you the finished part.

I love the look of conversation hearts and, in fact, have this jar of candy more as a decoration than for the kids to eat (I’ll let them start having some after Valentine’s Day… though they each had one while I had them scattered on the table for these pics).  They are just so… iconic Valentine’s.  At least from my childhood.

I’ve wanted to decorate with them for years, but I didn’t want the standard messages hanging on my wall or from a garland or on my corner table.  “BFF” and “Be mine” and “Call me” weren’t going to do.  So I came up with my own messages.

Instead I’ve god “Put on love”, “Love one another” and “Be His” among others.  I included the Scripture reference in the border and framed them in these inexpensive white Walmart frames.  (I love these!)

I had big dreams of having these finished by now and having a printable version for you to use either as wall art or handing out Valentine’s, but the other three have little problems that still need to be fixed and I just can’t justify painting when other things are going undone.  Hopefully I’ll at least have them to show you soon! 🙂 Maybe even before Valentine’s Day!

***Update 2/2/19: Click here to find printable files of these conversation hearts for framing and Valentines.

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7 thoughts on “The Best Conversation… Hearts ~ In Watercolor”

  1. I’m so glad you shared these even if they weren’t at the state of completion you were hoping for! That’s such an encouragement to me to do the same- don’t wait for perfection because it’s never gonna come! And as homeschool Mama’s, we have to grab the few spare minutes we have, don’t we. 😄 I love your new sayings, too- our Lord’s definition of love instead of the world’s. Love that! ❤️

    1. Indeed! I’m also supposed to be sewing and I’m planning our garden with the hopes of supplying as much of our food as possible this year from it. Somehow I need to squeak in some time for painting. 🙂

    1. It was super easy! And it’s so fun to have the Scripture in my kitchen. I have three more coming (I had to do all the colors!)… we’ll see if I can get them framed before Valentine’s Day. 🙂

      Let me know if you try it! I’d love to see it!

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