Empty Tomb Illustrated Verse – John 20:29

Update March 2022: I have an updated version of this illustrated verse in my Etsy shop!

“Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed!” John 20:29

Just before Easter last year, I read this verse and knew I wanted to see it illustrated!  I love it.  It struck me then that this verse is talking about me!  And, I hope, you too, if you believe!

I knew I had to include the empty tomb.

I began it then, but, as Easter is in the spring, there isn’t much time for painting.  I never finished it.  But it was practically done.  All I had to do this week was play with the rock a bit (I wasn’t happy with last year’s work) and finish with artist pen.

I was so excited to share it for Easter this year, but both our computers have been on the fritz!  So… with just under 2 hours left of Easter, here it is!

He is risen!  Just as He said!

Happy Easter!

Gathering here.

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  1. Love your art work! You have a gift there! We are page neighbors at Inspire Me Monday this week.

    You’re most welcome to drop by for a cup of inspiration when you have your next cuppa.

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