2024 Mini Doodle Calendar

My 2024 Mini Doodle Calendar is here! At 3.5 inches tall, it’s the cutest little thing!

Mini Doodle Calendar with Seasonal Illustrations from mamasbrush

Years ago, when I first started illustrating, I began creating these cute little calendars as Christmas gifts. I tied them up with those tiny easels you can find at Hobby Lobby (though that first year my husband made them for me because we couldn’t find any) and attached them to the top of cookie platters for friends at church and tucked them in stockings or packages for family. I even sold a few at our Christmas market.

Everyone loved them, so I did it again! Then life hit and I took a couple years off. People asked about them at market each year and family set aside their little easels for “someday”. Last year, with my new Etsy shop open for business, I decided to make the time to create new ones (chickens and trucks). It was fun to be in the calendar business again. I sold a few and gifted them around to friends and family.

Mini Doodle Calendar with Seasonal Illustrations from mamasbrush

This year I’ve been planning to update my calendars for 2024, but before I could do so, one of you contacted me requesting my 2018 calendar for this next year. I was beyond delighted to have a request and got right to work (after I finished the Mountain Lodge Prints I was working on that is).

Mini Doodle Calendar with Seasonal Illustrations from mamasbrush

And it’s here! As I have been doing with a lot of my early work these days, they have been “re-mastered” and are looking better than new! (“Re-mastered simply means I have better equipment and a few years more skill than I did when I made these originally so I’ve cleaned up the digital files!)

2024 Mini Doodle Calendar cut out and ready to package for gift giving

I’m currently packaging up 31 of these cuties to take with us to Peru next week (12 cut out so far). We’re taking the whole family to serve at a South American Missionary Conference and I want to gift these to the missionary families who will be in attendance!

Please click over to find this and my 2024 Old Truck Calendars in my Etsy shop now! (If it’s the Chicken Calendars you want, I’m hoping to have the 2024 version in the shop the first week or so of November!)

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