Custom Christmas Tree Lot Paintings

This is the last Christmas project from 2016 that I’m going to share here.  And it’s my favorite.


These are painted on 8×10 watercolor paper.  I custom design them based on the number of children.  I, of course, made myself one (not pictured here because my children’s names are on it, but just as many trees).  It said “Welcome to our little lot.”

Some of the others were for “Nana”,  “Aunt Sandy”, “Grandma”, etc.  This year I made one for each of our pastor’s wives for Christmas.  Each one of them cried!  Two of our pastor’s wives had their children listed (one has 5 and the other has 4 children) and on the third, I used the names of her grandchildren (6 of them).  I haven’t yet made one of these for a family with only 2-3 children/grandchildren, but I imagine that when I do, I will probably turn the paper so that it is taller than wide.  Or perhaps “Mom” and “Dad” could be included too.

I’m hoping to sell more of these custom tree lots this coming Christmas if I can.

I’d love to here if anyone might be interested!

A Special Touch to Gifts

One of my favorite things to do with hand lettering and illustration is to add a special touch with gift tags… especially when the gift was homemade in the first place. These are some scrubs we gifted to the pastor’s wives in our church last Christmas.  I think it made them extra special.


Original artwork and hand lettering with Ultra Thin Sharpie Markers on card stock.

In Memory of Grandma


Growing up, every Christmas morning was the same.  After we’d opened presents and snacked on Christmas Eve goodies from the night before, we’d get bundled up in our jammies, mom would gather our fancy Christmas clothes and accessories to be put on later, and we’d pile into the car.

Thirty minutes down the road, we’d arrive at my grandparent’s home (on my dad’s side).  There we’d find red stockings full to the brim for everyone.  We could open those before breakfast!  Presents were under the tree, all signed from Santa.  But those had to wait until after.

Breakfast.  The memory of Christmas breakfast still makes me smile.  That is why I painted this for my dad last Christmas.  Breakfast was always the same.  Beautiful Dutch Babies, two of them, in cast iron skillets.  Fruit salad with kiwi slices over the top.  Avocados filled with cocktail sauce and shrimp.  And blood orange juice, fresh squeezed from her tree in their Southern California back yard.

That is what this piece is all about.  Each element represents something from Grandma’s Christmas morning.  Even the gold glass ball ornaments were patterned after the ones that hung on her tree each year.

One of these day’s I’ll make myself one that says “Grandma’s”, because for me, that’s who she was.

Original artwork created with watercolor and ink on 140 lb. cold pressed watercolor paper.

My First Bird


I like to make birthday’s a big deal in our family… but with 8 of us to start out with, we don’t need a house full of guests to do that.  I pick a theme for each kid on their day (sometimes with their help and sometimes not) and make the whole day special.

So when my oldest boy was turning 10, his theme was birds/bird watching.  He loves them!  And I was pretty sure he would think it was cool if I painted him something for his birthday.  I was right.

And my kids are so sweet.  There is no pressure to make things perfect; they see it the way it is supposed to be. 🙂  That’s my kind of critics!

Original artwork watercolor and ink done on watercolor paper.

A Little Bit of Christmas

So, I’d been painting for a couple months and the Christmas season (2016) arrived.  With it came a little Christmas inspiration.  Here are a couple card designs I played with.

Original artwork and hand lettering created with watercolor and ink on watercolor paper.


And these are a handful of gift tags I created (baby hand not included.)


These were all original artwork done with Ultra-thin Sharpie markers on card stock.

Something Warm and Cozy


Here… now I have something to share that is appropriate for January.  Especially since it’s the coldest it’s been for a long while.  Negative 10 windchill here this morning.  Not normal for here.  Surely the coldest I’ve been in, had I gone out in it.

Anyway, back to the point.  I made this card during the fall of 2016 for a friend I don’t get to see or talk to often.  It just seemed appropriate… if only I’d ever sent it.  🙁

I’m not great at that part. 🙂

Original artwork done on watercolor paper in watercolor and ink.

A Frustrated Mommy and a Good Reminder

I have six children, ages 11-2, and I am homeschooling most of them on one level or another.  We are home together all day every day and I love it!  There are days (weeks?) when I do have to remind myself that I love it.  One such day, I had texted some of my frustrations to my sweet husband and he replied with this: “She who is faithful with littles will be rewarded with their trust.”

It isn’t an exact quote of Luke 16:10, but it does borrow the feel of it.  And he’s right.  It’s days like that one (and this one if I’m honest) that I need to remember that it is the daily being faithful in the little things that will get me where I want to go… holding the hearts of my little ones.

Original hand lettering done with ink and colored pencil on card stock in the Fall of 2016. 



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Watercolor Pecan Pie – A Birthday Gift for Dad

Chocolate Pecan Pie Illustration

My dad loves Pecan Pie with chocolate chips in it.  I painted this as a 5×7 for his birthday in October 2016.

Original illustration and hand lettering done in watercolor and ink.

Pumpkin Pie – An Illustrated Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Illustrated Recipe

Just about the time I got my “adult art supplies” (my own brushes, paints, and actual watercolor paper), Shayda Campbell taught us about illustrating recipes.  This one had me excited.

Again, it was the end of September and I had Fall on my mind.  I designed 3-4 versions before deciding on one.  Then after it was done I did another one so I could switch things up a bit.  I like different things about both of my final copies and don’t like parts of each as well, but overall, I was pleased with the project.  Still learning. 🙂

The illustration above was the second I made.  The first one didn’t scan right and was gifted to my sister before I realized it.  This one graces my mother’s house each fall, so it was easier to access.