Christmas Market

I mentioned before that I’ve helped the children make products to sell at our church’s Christmas Market for a number of years.  When I started painting in 2016, I included my Tree Lots as a custom order and had a lot of friendly comments and even got an order.

IMG_2377This past November, in addition to helping the children with their products, I also produced some of my own art to sell.  This is the picture we took before the Christmas tree was put up on the right side of the table.  It held all the ornaments the children made.

The mangers and lath Christmas trees were made by my 11 year old son.  The tags laying on the table and the snowman pillows were made by my 9 year old daughter.  The snowmen ornaments sitting on the shelves were done by my 7 year old son.  The cards, calendars and watercolor plaques were mine, as well as some of the other things.

We also had a few fall things for sale and my mom made wooden cutting boards and spatulas.

IMG_2380We didn’t sell as much as we’d hoped this year, but we did sell some things.  Really, it’s more about the experience of it all.  We include it in our homeschool as “industry/entrepreneurship”.  The kids make their own products and get to help sell them at the market.  It’s a lot of fun!  And the leftovers never go to waste because the children love to wrap them up as Christmas presents for friends and family.

Pumpkin Pie – An Illustrated Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Illustrated Recipe

Just about the time I got my “adult art supplies” (my own brushes, paints, and actual watercolor paper), Shayda Campbell taught us about illustrating recipes.  This one had me excited.

Again, it was the end of September and I had Fall on my mind.  I designed 3-4 versions before deciding on one.  Then after it was done I did another one so I could switch things up a bit.  I like different things about both of my final copies and don’t like parts of each as well, but overall, I was pleased with the project.  Still learning. 🙂

The illustration above was the second I made.  The first one didn’t scan right and was gifted to my sister before I realized it.  This one graces my mother’s house each fall, so it was easier to access.

First Personal Success

I love fall, so in those early days of experimenting with my kid’s watercolors and card stock, the sunflowers and corn growing in the garden outside my window were a perfect subject.

When we are learning something new it’s all about comparison, isn’t it. Compared to some of the things I can do now, this looks pretty rough, but as the best thing I’d ever created before, this was pretty exciting.

I actually made something I was pleased with!