Coffee and Friends… the perfect blend – hand lettering and watercolor illustration

Coffee and Friends... the perfect blend.

This is another 5×7 hand lettered illustration for the women’s retreat centerpieces.

Coffee and Friends... the perfect blend.

I found the quote on Pinterest (surprise surprise, I know), and early on, I saw the cups (or something similar) with their steam there as well, but the illustration and styling is my own.

Coffee and Friends... the perfect blend.

I just love the coffee beans at the bottom.  I was still trying to decide if I would add a boarder (which is funny, because I almost always do) when something just seemed missing.  I think they brought just what the whole illustration needed, don’t you?

Original artwork done on 140 lb. cold pressed paper. 

Let’s Meet Over Coffee ~God

Let's meet over coffee - Hand lettered Watercolor Illustration - invitation from God card

As I plan out the theme and decorations for the women’s retreat at our church next month, I could go way simpler!  No one would notice if there were no illustrations or if I grabbed some printables online, printed and framed them.  (In fact, the whole thing could end up looking better in the end if I did.)  But I love to do this.  Painting, that is.  And illustrating.  And frankly, sometimes I sit down to paint or draw and I come up blank (note: I was going to say “draw a blank” because I love me some puns, but I didn’t for your sake.  Your welcome!) 

(Shameless Plug: I have these over at my shop if you want one!)

So… I’ve made this my project with “Sweet Life Cafe” as my theme.  I’m going to see how many I can come up with (there are 8 tables that need center pieces).  It’s pushing me for creativity.

Let's meet over coffee - Hand lettered Watercolor Illustration - invitation from God card

This is my second creation (or my third, I guess I’m posting out of order).  It’s a 5×7 original watercolor illustration on 140 lb. cold pressed paper.  I won’t say it’s perfect, but perfect isn’t my goal.  As Shayda says, (she’s my teacher you know), if I wanted to capture this perfectly, I could snap a picture; “illustration is about representing [an] object in your own unique way.”

Let's meet over coffee - Hand lettered Watercolor Illustration - invitation from God card

This hand lettered illustration came about as I was thinking though all the “but first, coffee” signs on Pinterest.  I get that coffee is first for so many people, but I want to encourage a “Jesus first” mindset instead.  This illustration was born out of that desire and I blended the two.  If we are walking through the house blurry eyed early in the morning thinking, “but first, coffee”, then this is God’s little invitation… “Let’s meet over coffee!”

As you are savoring your morning coffee and letting it breath new energy into your morning, open God’s Word and let it breath new life into your whole day.  It can do that!

I’m trying my hand at taking more beautiful pictures of my artwork.  The quilt in the background is an unfinished one I’m making for my almost 6 year old girl. 

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The Scriptures are not like cake. A Bread analogy.

The Scriptures are not like cake

At the end of February, the ladies from our church will be having our Women’s Retreat.  I mentioned already that I shamelessly invited myself onto the committee and the other ladies have graciously allowed me to take on the decorations.  We’re using a box retreat from Group called Sweet Life Cafe, so I’m trying to keep my decorations with that theme, but making it all as special as possible.

One of the things I like to do when planning a party, is to put as much as possible into the little details.  I painted this little guy for one of those details.  We’ll use it with the session that talks about bread.  I saw the quote on Pinterest and knew at once I wanted to use it.  I’ll scan it into my computer and resize it for printing.  I’ll be printing one for each of the 60ish ladies attending.


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Sweet Life Cafe Women’s Retreat Save the Date Card


I invited myself onto the women’s retreat committee this year and I’ve been having so much fun already!  I’m sure I’ll have more to show in the next couple months as it approaches, but this is a prototype I made up in the fall.  The tag is something I designed and hand lettered myself.  It says: something sweet is brewing.  Unfortunately when the scan was printed out, the printer had a streak.  Since it was the prototype, I left it in.  I couldn’t find a picture of the final project… if I do I’ll add it in later.

We made up about 100 of these in the end.  It was a little crazy, but they were so fun!  I just couldn’t help myself! 🙂

Updated 2/2019
I’m adding the templates for you, so that you can make your own without having to figure everything out for yourself. Click on the links below and either download (for the pdf) or “save as” for the jpg images.

Jpg of the Cup Template: click here and “save as” the image.
Jpg of the Sleeve Template: click here and “save as” the image.
Jpg of the Something is Brewing Artwork: click here and “save as” the image. (This one isn’t a whole sheet for you to print, but you could make your own.

Insert the Cup Template into your word processing software and move it to the back. Then insert a text box over one of them and fill it with your text. Copy and paste to the others, or repeat the steps over the other cups.

Trace or print the Sleeve Template on the back of colored card stock or scrapbook paper and cut them out. Fold them around the cups after they are cut out and glue, tape or use a sticker to hold them shut.

Mount the “Something is Brewing” Artwork onto paper or card stock and mount it on colored or decorative paper. Punch a hole in one corner and tie it around the sleeve with your ribbon, raffia, or twine of choice.

Using double sided tape, insert a piece of chocolate or other candy under the ribbon.

I hope you enjoy this project! It would be great for save the date or invitations! You could even use them as thank you notes or even just a note of encouragement with a different tag.

The copywork information is only on the pdf versions of the downloads, but please honor it on all of them.

***Official legal stuff: Copyright remains my own. Please only use them personally or in your classroom or church. Print them and give them as gifts. But please don’t distribute them online or claim them as your own. If you want to share them on your own blog, please be sure to give me credit and include a link back here. Thanks! They are my original work and I’d like to be able to continue sharing what I create with you all.

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