2019 {Hand Illustrated} Mini Doodle Calendar ~ Free Gift Printable

{My new 2024 calendars are now also available! Find them on the blog or in my Etsy store!}

Mini Doodle Calendar 2019 - by mamasbrush
Mini doodle calendar by mamasbrush

Being behind seems to be my theme these days. Let me explain the lateness of this particular project. You see, I work better with a deadline. So many different things going all the time often means a given project has to wait until its deadline is looming and it forces its way to being top priority.

Mini Doodle Calendar 2019
Mini Doodle Calendars by mamasbrush

Last fall, however, I was was actually ahead of schedule. I knew I wanted to design another doodle calendar for Christmas gifts, like last year, so I made a point of designing them. Problem is, though, that printing is another issue entirely. I needed my husband to do it for me. He has the ability to do it pretty inexpensively at work, but it means adding one more thing to his work load and I kept putting off asking him. When I finally did, he sweetly did his best, but had some trouble with printing on the watercolor paper like we did it last year. The machines just couldn’t handle it. Long story short, I decided to wait until after the new year to mess with it. Too many things on our plates in December.

But the problem is, once a deadline is passed, I often just let go of something entirely. Too many things loom in the distance. New deadlines. Sigh.

Eventually, I did bring it up again and my sweet husband gave it a try. This time I told him that if the watercolor paper didn’t work right off, I’d take it on cardstock and just distribute the files for people to print themselves.

And that’s exactly what happened. He printed me one copy and I’ll just email the (now very late) 2019 Mini Doodle Calendar file to our friends and family for Christmas (in March… oops). Hopefully they won’t mind printing them on their own.

Fast forward to now, I’m finally getting to it.

On the plus side, I’ve decided to include the printable file for all of you as well. It’s my gift to you my readers! Okay, yes, it’s the middle of March. Sorry. But, hey, you still have 9 and a half months to use it. 🙂

Download your own 2019 Mini Doodle Calendar.

  1. Print on heavy cardstock or other heavy paper.
  2. Cut on the lines with paper cutter or scissors.
  3. Place on small easel (I saw some at Hobby Lobby, but I’m sure other craft stores would have them too.)

They are business card size, approx 2.25×3.5 inches.

Would you please help me out by spreading the word. It is March already, but maybe you know someone (or a bunch of people on social media) who would like my little calendar to finish their year with. Please don’t distribute the file yourself, but be sure to give me credit and link back here for them to come get their own download.

And please leave me a comment to tell me where you will put it. On your desk at work? On the kitchen windowsill? If you’re on Instagram, I’d love to see a pic snapped, so leave me a link in your comment (please also leave a link to this page in your description for others to find!)


Mini Doodle Calendar 2019 - by mamasbrush

***Official legal stuff: Copyright remains my own. Please only use them personally in your home, office or classroom. But please don’t distribute them online or claim them as your own. If you want to share them on your own blog or social media platform, please be sure to give me credit and include a link back here. Thanks! They are my original work and I’d like to be able to continue sharing what I create with you all.

Gathering here.

2019 Calendar in Coffee Mugs Design

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here.  Summer is a super busy season for my family, but I have managed to do some hand lettering and painting.  I just haven’t managed to post any of it.  I am hoping to get caught up in the next few weeks though and to post some of my early things with a fall theme.

I hope you will all enjoy.  I am honored that there are 20 of you now following my little blog!!!  Thank you!

Coffee Cup Calendar Tea TowelHave you heard of Spoonflower?  It’s a design your own fabric/wallpaper company online.  And they have a weekly design challenge I’ve tried to participate in several times this year, but until now, I’ve not quite finished my design by the deadline.

Each week there is a theme, and if you noticed that I said until now, I’ve missed the deadline, you may have figured out that I finally made it with an entry.  This weeks theme is calendar tea towel, so I decided to design something using my coffee cups.  It’s designed as a fat quarter (if you are familiar with fabric measurements at all), but turned into a tea towel on their website.

You can vote here if you would like… no pressure to vote for me.  You  may vote as many times as you want… just vote your favorites!

But either way, let me know what you think.  I’d love to know!



A Calendar Project

{My new 2024 calendars are now also available! Find them on the blog or in my Etsy store!}

Last spring, Shayda Campbell started a series of calendar pages on a full size scale.  Later in the year, I saw some mini sized ones on Pinterest.  I fell in love… with calendars in general, but tiny ones specifically!  I had to make one.  And so I did.

It took a while to make because there were so many components.  I called it a doodle calendar because I loved the name and when they are so little like that, they do have a doodle feel, but each one is it’s own watercolor illustration.  Each was sketched, illustratated, painted and scanned into my computer.  I created each card at a 4×6 inch size.  I hand lettered each of the months, the days of the week across the top and the year at the bottom.   Next year I plan to do the numbers too, but they were a bit daunting this year.  I also hand illustrated, painted and scanned in each little holiday icon.

They were so fun to make.  My wonderful husband made the easels from a sample we had on hand.  I designed the labels (another super fun project!)  The calendars themselves, made in mini and 4×6″ size, were printed on watercolor paper (my husband insisted on this), which really made the illustrations pop!  We brought them to the Christmas Market our church puts on, but the weather was bad and no one sold much that day.  I did get to give them for Christmas gifts though and everyone really seemed to like them.

I’m hoping to make calendars again this year for 2019.  I know I will gift them again, but I’d really like to try to sell them again too, either online or at our church’s Christmas Market.

Which month is your favorite?  What icons should I include in next year’s calendar?

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A little calendar I made and gifted for Christmas this year.

I’d like to introduce this new little blog.  In this space I will be sharing my adventures in illustrating and watercolor.  I’m new to the whole art scene.  About 16 months ago I stumbled onto Shayda Campbell’s youtube channel and binge watched everything she had posted to that point while I supervised nap time.  A couple weeks later, when I had finished them all, I decided I should give it a try.  I made my way back through her videos, this time with pencil and paint brush in hand.  I was using my kids paints and card stock, but it was enough for a beginner like me.

It was super fun, then, when my sweet husband gifted me with adult supplies for my birthday a few weeks later, and I haven’t looked back since.  Over the past year plus, I’ve seen my style develop and have really enjoyed this new hobby.

Now, I’m a talker, but in this space, I am going to do my best to keep things simple.  I gave up a blog years ago before my fifth little one was born.  I just couldn’t keep up.  And to be honest, I’m not going to try to keep up here.  I’m hoping to just pop in as I have new things to share, and to let the pictures do the talking as much as possible.  I’ll be posting some of the things I did early on (way back a year ago! haha) first, then sharing as I go.

Disclaimer: I am a homeschooling mama to 6 precious gifts from God.   Illustrating, painting and hand lettering are things I get to do in my spare time… when there is some.