Chicken Christmas Cards

I feel like I’m in full fledged Christmas gear these days, at least in my shop. I’ve spent the whole week getting as many new products created and listed as possible. (Sometimes it feels like I’m moving in slow motion though!) After my Mistletoe Bundle, I jumped into Christmas cards! In addition to all the new, I’m also working on bringing new life to some of the “older” items in the shop already with new photos and videos in my listings (still learning here!) It’s been a week of late nights and crazy days! 🙂

Chicken Christmas cards | mamasbrush

I’ve had chicken cards dancing around in my head for weeks, but with Peru on the calendar for October, there wasn’t much time for designing! Since we’ve been back (after the bulk of the unpacking and laundry were done anyway), I’ve been working in every little bit of time I can find.

Chicken Christmas cards | mamasbrush

I just had to start with my truck. I hope you aren’t getting tired of it, but I love this little truck! I love the simplicity of the white and the snowflakes, the boldness of the red and the tall skinny font.

Chicken Christmas cards | mamasbrush

This is actually the first card of the set I created. I had this one mostly done in September, before things got too busy. I grabbed the chicken coop from my clipart set and converted it to the black and white line drawing I have here. Then I just had to add some lights! 🙂 These lights make me happy too. I hope you like them, because here they are again!

Chicken Christmas cards | mamasbrush

My “Let your lights shine” card was inspired by the Christian children’s song, “This Little Light of Mine”. The chicken brings more life and fun to it, I think.

Which card is your favorite? Are you a chicken fan? I’ll take any input you have!

I have some other non-chicken cards in my shop as well. Right now they are all 50% off in my shop! Just for a few days, so come over quickly!

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Christmas Lights Family Sign

Okay, this might be my last look back at Christmas. I decided to include it so that anyone who wants to use the idea for next year can get a head start. 🙂 I’m always planning to start early for Christmas… I just never get to it. 🙂

I’ve been making these cute Christmas lights since 2016, when I first started illustrating and painting. Each year they change a little bit as my style is further developed or they are applied to new things. It started with these cute cards…

They are simple and colorful on tags and simple cards.

Last year I made these…

Christmas Lights Family Sign | mamasbrush #woodsign # christmaslights #family #shiningourlights #christianfamilysign
Again, look for the Christmas lights.

I was so excited about them. And they didn’t sell at all.

That’s okay… it happens sometimes. We’ve been doing this long enough to know that just because something doesn’t sell well one year, doesn’t mean that they won’t another year.

This year we sold one of the three I made. Okay… progress.

A few weeks later I started thinking how I’ll change them next year. Customize them with family names.

Then I got a text.

A friend from church wanted to know if I had any of these left. It was 4 days before Christmas. I got the text while my husband and I were walking the aisles in the first of 4 stores we had planned that night. In other words, while I was able to send her some pics and quote some prices, I wouldn’t be home for a while.

Then the “big ask”, as she called it. She wondered if it could be customized… in time for Christmas.

Unnecessarily long story shorter, this is what I came up with…

I was happy. She was happy. And Christmas was saved! 🙂

Until Next time,

Some Little Homemade Christmas Cards

These are a few more of the Christmas cards I’ve made and sold locally.  I think Christmas is one of my favorite things to “create” for.  I could paint Christmas lights and these cute trees all year round.

Some day I hope to have them available to buy or download or something, but for now, with just a week to go before Christmas, ** They are here… find these little Christmas cards in my shop now!** or maybe you would be inspired to make something similar with a set of paint or even markers.  None of these were super hard to do.  Put your own spin on them.

This one’s my favorite!

If you find yourself inspired, I’d love to see what you make! 

Gathering here!