Personalized Gingerbread Kid Christmas Ornaments

This past Christmas, we were celebrating a new baby in our church. I’ve mentioned before how we love to celebrate babies, and this one was no different. Well… okay, it was a little different!

Christmas Tree Ornaments with Gingerbread family, personalized with names and year.  

Gingerbread kids, Gingerbread baby, brown, red

This baby was being celebrated in December! I just love gingerbread men, so I set up our sprinkling table and invitation with a gingerbread theme. Are there pictures? No… because it was December and apparently there is too much going on to remember to take pictures. Oh well… I did make this cute ornament for them though. I love how it turned out. I printed it out on card stock, mounted that to a piece of a cereal box and glued it to a homemade frame.

When I started creating Christmas-y stuff for my shop, I tweaked them a bit.

Christmas Tree Ornaments with Gingerbread family, personalized with names and year.  

Gingerbread kids, Gingerbread baby, brown, red

I’ve removed the adults… who needs them anyway?! And I can personalize to fit your kids or grandkids, large families or small! Get “Our Little Cookies” or “Our Grand-Cookies” in my shop!

They are on sale with the rest of my Christmas in July items for one more week. These will make great gifts themselves or be great for tying to the top of the package like I did.

You can find me gathering here.

Tandem Bicycle with Baby Trailer Ornaments for Baby’s First Christmas

Am I the only one still finishing up Christmas presents?

No? Oh good.

Yes? Oh well. I had 4 weeks of sick kids, 2 surgeries (on kids), 2 birthdays, Thanksgiving and a slew of local Christmas related deadlines all squeezed into the 6 weeks before Christmas actually got here. Then there’s Christmas itself. Do I feel bad that 3-4 Christmas presents still need to be shipped/given/finished? Maybe a little, but I’m trying to just roll with it (Get it? Bikes… rolling? No? Okay, sorry. We’ll just say “pun un-intended”.)

That means that there are still a couple Christmas-ish posts left in the year. Not counting yesterdays. Though… they aren’t all Chrsitmas-y, so maybe we’re still okay.

The first is this set of ornaments I made. A new baby was born in the family (I mentioned it yesterday), and we wanted to do something special. First a little background…

He proposed on a picnic/tandem bike ride, so I embroidered/quilted them a tandem bike table runner for a wedding gift (I will have to look for the pic). Turns out, the decor at the wedding was also bikes.

Last year I made them an “expecting” ornament, because I love gingerbread… and she was. Totally unrelated to the whole bike theme.

So this year, I wanted to do something special and I thought I’d return to the original theme. But first, they needed an anniversary ornament to go along with it.

Then I could make the baby trailer to go along with it. I made them separate, designed to hang next to each other. This also makes it easier to add on more trailers if more babies should come down the road (haha… again, so appropriate for the biking theme! I just love surprise puns!)

By the way, I learned how to make those fun frames over here on YouTube.

Gathering here.