Christmas Wall Art – Mistletoe Let’s Stay Home

Romantic Christmas Wall Art - Mistletoe Let's Stay Home Sign | mamasbrush

Do you decorate your master bedroom for Christmas? I’ll be honest… I don’t. At least not yet.

(Warning: Tangent ahead. If you don’t want the story, scroll down for the details on the Mistletoe print!)

For the past 8 years we’ve been sleeping in our beautiful wood 4 post bed in one of the smaller children’s rooms while the real master bedroom awaits renovation. It’s no one’s fault. When we moved into this room 8 years ago, it was because the “good” bed had been moved in there after our 5th was born and Husband’s parents came to visit. The bed had been waiting in a storage unit. After they left, we were like, “ummm… yeah!”

Later that year, we demolished the floor in the master (it was bad!) and removed the closets and bathroom to prepare it for renovation. After the floor was replaced, the kids slept in there on mattresses for a while, so we could work on the room they were sharing. Then it acted as storage for a time. The next winter, Husband was trugging his large construction equipment out into the snow to get the kitchen project done. When the weather was really bad, he couldn’t work at all. Since that time, the large master bedroom has been our upstairs workshop! Several years ago, he got a team and surprised me by moving everything out and finishing the demo while I was away for the weekend. The plan was to finish the space next, but we ran into some problems and realized a couple other projects needed to be done before we could get to it… and those depended on still others. It goes on and on until now… we are still in a bright yellow bedroom with one wall missing and another waiting for drywall.

That said… I don’t really decorate that room… I barely spend time in it at all. But I dream of the dark grey walls our future room will have with the dark wood accents and furniture. I see the beautiful bed with it’s white comforter and picture how I will decorate it for the seasons… especially Christmas.

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I love the cozy, romantic feeling I get when I see all those “let’s stay home” signs all over the internet. That was just the feeling I was going for when I came up with this design.

I love the way the mistletoe adds a bit of whimsy and a touch more of the romance I was looking for! I can see this hanging above our bed in December (once our renovation is complete) with white lights draped around the room. I smile just thinking about it.

You can find this in several sizes in my Etsy shop for 50% off through the end of July!

Grab it now to add some extra romance to your spaces this Christmas!

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Christmas Decor – Mistletoe Sign

This one just makes me smile! I painted this years ago… it was one of the first paintings I was really excited about. I’ve made cards with this mistletoe on it in past years. One simply said, “tonight.” I like that one. 🙂

Christmas Decor Mistletoe Sign | mamasbrush 

In this house, we do mistletoe.  Quirky Christmas sign with illustrated mistletoe.

This past year I digitized it, making it possible to do so many more things with it… and to make it BIG! In this design, I added the words, “In this house, we do mistletoe!” I can’t wait to find a place to put it when December rolls around!

It’s 50% off right now as part of my Christmas in July sale. Print it at home or have it printed and add it to your Christmas decor this year.

Christmas Decor Mistletoe Sign | mamasbrush 

In this house, we do mistletoe.  Quirky Christmas sign with illustrated mistletoe.  Christmas in July