New Chicken Coop Signs

I know I have a wide range of people who are readers here. Raise your hand if you are a chicken person (okay… leave a comment?). If you aren’t sure, you probably aren’t. A chicken person doesn’t necessarily have chickens themselves, but they want to. And not all people who have chickens are chicken people. (Am I right?)

 Chicken coop signs | mamasbrush designs 

chicken signs, farmhouse signs, chicken decor

And of course, among chicken people there is a wide variety as well. Some just love the birds and others make fancy coops and decorate them seasonally. (Someday I want that to be me.)

We have chickens in a quarter of our garden with a somewhat ugly but functional coop. I made it myself with the help of 3-12 year olds (6 of them). I guess you could say that I’m a kid person at this phase of my life. 🙂 Anyway, I digress.

 Chicken coop signs | mamasbrush designs 

chicken signs, farmhouse signs, chicken decor

While I dream of what I would do if homeschooling and gardening, laundry and occasional house cleaning didn’t take up all my time, I made some really cute (sorry, I’m biased) chicken coop signs for you to decorate your chicken spaces with!

They are in my Etsy shop now. Head over to grab the bundle for yourself for 30% off this week. Coupon code COOPSIGNS30 or click here.

 Chicken coop signs | mamasbrush designs 

chicken signs, farmhouse signs, chicken decor

Frame them and and hang them under shelter if you have it. I think they would be cute mounted to wood and sealed from the elements and hung on the outside. Your call. What would you do with them? Let me know in the comments! 🙂

 Chicken coop signs | mamasbrush designs 

chicken signs, farmhouse signs, chicken decor
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Bullet Journal Page: Egg Production Tracker

***Updated 3/2022:  I now have 12 monthly egg count forms in my Etsy store.  Click over to check them out!

***Updated 4/2/19: I have begun making printables for your homestead.  Find a growing library of them here.

Egg Production Record Page in my Farm Bullet Journal

I haven’t had a lot of time for extras lately, and definitely not for any finished projects!  Good weather means outside chores and work in the garden and pruning trees and vines.  Homeschooling and getting dinner on the table are about all I have energy for after that (if I get even that much done).

I have been working on my new bullet journal pages, though, in little moments, and although not many of them are finished either, I did finish our page for recording egg production and chicken related finances.  We are trying to be better about tracking numbers for later reference and to see if our measures for saving money are helping.  I just love that it can be pretty at the same time.  (Behind the scenes: I have been using my kid’s markers alongside my artist pens for bullet journaling.  Fancy markers – or pens for that matter – aren’t necessary to do this!)

Here it is a little closer:


The kids love to put the numbers in each morning and evening when we collect eggs.

I’m hoping to have my March pages and my new farm specific bullet journal for you to see soon.  Maybe even before the end of the month. 🙂  With two birthdays and a “twins” baby sprinkling over the next couple weeks, I’m not making any promises.  But at least you got this sneak peak. 🙂

Gathering here!

Pushing through some quirks


I’ve been known to be anti-trendy.  Which is to say that if it’s trendy, I prefer to stay away from it… even if I like it.

I’m not sure why I’m like that, but I am… sorry.

That’s why it was so weird a couple weeks ago when I, standing in front of the tape display at Office Max, told my husband I wanted a roll of washi tape.  I blame Shayda!  Apparently I really am last on this boat because my mom and my sister both have collections of the stuff.  Who knew?  But I loved how Shayda used washi tape in her bullet journal.


Yes, I know.  Bullet journals are all the rage right now too.  But I’ve resisted… until now.  Who has time for all that non-sense (sorry… not hating, I promise!)  I have secretly been stalking bullet journalers on youtube lately.  Have you ever seen a “plan with me” video?  Well, I’ve been watching some of my favorite youtube artists plan their bullet journals and part of me wants to jump in.  But….  I use my phone for my calendar stuff… and it’s working for me.  And I have all my homeschool planning in an excel sheet… and it’s working for me.  I don’t NEED a bullet journal.

But then…

Just think, if I do a little chicken doodle every month on my egg tracker page, I may figure out how to draw them. 🙂

What about all the things I don’t currently have a system for?  Like tracking my chickens?


A spot for recording what I’m thankful for?


My Bible reading highlights? (This doubles as a tracker for reading and meditating on God’s Word every day for me… in addition to whatever I’ve done with the kids.)

I don’t usually jump in to stuff like this in the middle.  I’m a “start January 1st or not at all” kinda girl.  But I’m working on that.  I didn’t have the dot grid journal I wanted either, so I decided to just jump in with what I have as a sort of practice (see, I’m pushing through those quirks).  I’m trying it out.  I’m using the rest of this only half used composition notebook.  It’s not perfect, but it’s working.  And I’ve told myself I’m only doing this on trial for now.  (That’s less pressure for perfection!)

Going forward I’m thinking about using two different bullet journals, one for the “farming” side of my life and one for everything else.  If I can get a book I like, I’d like to start the “farming” journal in March (I’d better get on this).  My “regular” journal would include my prayer journal pages, gratitude, reading highlights, habit trackers (including weight loss), and homeschooling pages.  I’d like to start this one in July when we start our new school year (its a compromise to not starting January 1st).

The best part… when I don’t have time to be illustrating and painting like I would like to, a bullet journal gives me a chance to do something creative in little bits of time and to experiment with less pressure.  And something to share here… even if they are still pretty beginner level. 🙂  Some of my pages may be fancy and others may be plain.  We’ll see what I have time for.


Do you have a bullet journal?