Pumpkins and Trucks Baby Shower

Pumpkins and Trucks Baby Shower Dessert Table

This may be one of my favorite parties so far. Now I do love pumpkins, but pumpkins and trucks takes it over the top!

You all know that I’m a bit behind. Well, this fun Pumpkins and Trucks baby shower is from last September! That’s right. I don’t quite know what to say, but here it is in all it’s adorable glory!

I’ve been loving me some old trucks these last few years. I fought the fad long enough and now I’m all in. This little boy baby shower was just begging to be pumpkins… and trucks!

Of course, every party has to start with an invitation and I like to show my guests to be what can be expected if they are able to join us. Equal parts orange buffalo check and old truck cuteness, this invitation is in my shop and customizable by you for quick turn around (any other procrastinators out there like me?)

Old Truck with pumpkin welcome sign_Fall Baby Shower Theme

Just inside the party entrance was this little sign, announcing each one welcome until I could do so myself!

Pumpkins and Trucks Baby Shower Dessert Table

The dessert table is always my labor of love! I have so much fun creating “theme-y” sweets and snacks. Those cookies are something my mom used to make. They aren’t pumpkins but I couldn’t resist that sunflower sparkle. They totally fit. 🙂

Orange pumpkins for those who wanted a more natural sweetness (celery stems bring a little veggie into our evening!)

And those are pumpkin rice krispie treat in the back… with tootsie roll stems. Find all my pinspirations here!

Pumpkins and Trucks Food Tent Signs

If I was already designing invitations and welcome signs, I just had to make food tents too.

Pumpkins and Trucks Baby Shower Dessert Table

I think they help fill in the table nicely where it would have otherwise have been a little sparce.

Not to mention it gives an easy way to note which treats are gluten or dairy free for your guests! Since I throw these showers on behalf of our church, I generally know most of the attendees and their food allergies and try to be sure there are treats for them as well. If the guest list is larger, I’ll also make cupcakes that are not gluten free or vice versa.

Pumpkins and Trucks Baby Shower Dessert Table

Another gluten free treat!

Pumpkins and Trucks Drink Table

A few decorations on the drink table. I don’t usually get back to taking pictures once guests arrive, so the drinks were staying cool in the fridge when I took this pic. The print in the frame is something I painted. The words around it are “Give thanks, gather together, glorify God!”

I made some last year special order for a local market and have added it to my Etsy store if anyone is interested.

Pumpkins and Trucks Baby Shower Dessert Table

Several years ago, I determined to learn to make macarons for a tea party women’s retreat I was helping plan. It took months of trial and error and many nights after “bedtime” were spent making yet another batch of these with my husband as we tried to figure it out together. It was worth it though. I just love being able to include these special cookies at the parties and events I plan. It is a special touch and I’ve become known for them around the church.

This is the gift table… I hung that wooden pumpkin garland the next day (I try to decorate the church the night before when I can) and didn’t have the safety pins I needed to hang it. I keep gift tables simple. I want to do something since they start and end empty, but I don’t want to take up too much room either.

Pumpkins and Trucks Favor Bags and Label

Not every party I throw has favors. Often favors and games are the two things that get left out when I start running out of time. I was grateful that one of this mama’s friends wanted to help with her shower so she assembled these for me. All I had to do is send her the file for the label. She found fall wrapped Hershey’s kisses and some orange check ribbon. I love how they turned out.

There are so many more details I could have included in this shower but didn’t have time or resources for. Happily, I went ahead and created them after and have assembled a bundle in my shop. Click over to see the rest of the bundle. Some of the items are available independently, like these cupcake toppers. I have created some greeting and thank you cards with the pumpkins and trucks artwork too.

Are you planning a baby shower or have you done one recently? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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Fall Harvest Birthday Party My {Young} Children Gave Me

For months my children (ages 4-12) have been dreaming up their birthday plans for me. I always make a big deal of their birthdays (in inexpensive and homemade ways) and they are getting old enough to want to do what I do… for me. It’s pretty cool.

They have help. My mom helps with brainstorming and shopping and any crafting. The day of, they kick me out of the house (I go down to my mom’s house [converted from a detached garage] and take a shower… ahhhh… happy birthday to me!) so they can decorate.

Pumpkin Cake - Fall Harvest Birthday Party My Children Gave Me | mamasbrush | #birthday #party #harvest #fall #cake #sweets #pumpkins

This year they baked a cake. Due to a flop the previous day, I helped the little kids make the cake that morning and the big kids decorated it with my mom in the afternoon when she was home from work. It turned out really cute!

Fall Harvest Birthday Party My Children Gave Me | mamasbrush | #birthday #party #harvest #fall #centerpiece #scarecrow #pumpkins #gourds #floralarrangement #decorations #decor

They colored pictures for the walls and put together a centerpiece according to the theme.

Fall Harvest Birthday Party My Children Gave Me | mamasbrush | #birthday #party #harvest #fall #chalkboard #kidart #pumpkins #handlettering

This year they even put my chalkboard to use! Isn’t it adorable! They all helped in some way. Keep in mind that the oldest is 12 and the youngest had just turned 4.

Thank you babies for a wonderful birthday!

[Most of this post was finished back at the end of September, but life got busy and the blog (as necessity demands) is the first thing to go. (I haven’t been painting either!) I just popped in to work on some new posts when I discovered that this one had never been finished. So here it is. Hopefully there will be another this week, and they we’ll see how life settles in. I miss sharing… and having things to share!]


My September Shelves + Other Apple Decor

I decorate with apples in September. Okay, I know I’m a little crazy, but I just can’t bring out the “fall” stuff until it’s officially fall. As in September 23rd this year. Some years I’ll fudge a little and decorate over the weekend before, but most of the time, we do it on the day.

Problem is, by the end of August, I’m generally itching for fall. It’s my favorite season.

A couple years ago I decided that apples would make a fair bridge. They are adorable, and they don’t really match with my leaves and pumpkins (so I usually don’t use them). It’s the perfect solution. Apples in September.

Early Fall Decor | Apples in September

My husband built these shelves for me (out of American Chestnut beams he pulled out of the walls of our house) last September when he took some time off to work on the house. That means this is the first time to decorate them with apples. Most of my apple stuff came from my mom when she moved out here to be with us. Her last kitchen was decorated in apples, so she had plenty and I had my pick.

The hand lettered piece on the left side of the top shelf I created last year. The pie on the bottom shelf is watercolor on a piece of wood I did the year before that. I’d like to do that one over sometime because it smudged a bit when we added the clear finish. But for now, I like it.

Early Fall Decor | Apples in September

Under those shelves on my counter, I put my chalkboard frame (which is really just a white frame from Walmart with a black paper in it. I use white water based paint pen or chalkboard pens on it.) The design was there from my mom’s chocolate themed party, but I changed the words to “apple cider please” to match the apples. I thought the little wood apple was cute here and it all went well with my after meal clean up chart which is there all the time. (I scribbled out the names of my children for privacy.) I’m loving this set up because it mostly blocks the pencil sharpener that lives on the corner of the counter there (for lack of a better place for it). Homeschool families need their pencil sharpeners!

Early Fall Decorating for September

This cute little collection is sitting in the corner of my kitchen by the windows. Old basket with puffy red check fabric, jar, candle, plastic apple and my new favorite apple artwork (available to print… check it out!)

I moved this from the living room early last week when I moved my stack of Pergo out of there to get ready for some renovations coming up.

Early Fall Decorating for September

That’s right, the little “table” it’s sitting on is really a covered stack of flooring waiting to be installed. 🙂 You never do really know what someone’s house looks like based on a blog, do you?

How do you decorate in September??

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Apples – Pick Your Own Fall Sign | Hand Lettered and Painted Free Printable

I love love love these printable signs I found over at Clean and Scentsible! I pinned my favorites here. (And that towel… you’ll have to go look. It’s too cute!)

Pick Your Own Fall Apples | Free Printable with hand lettered Colossians 3:23

I tend to steer toward the farmhouse style decor… at least on Pinterest, and these cute signs planted a seed in me to make my own version of them. I just couldn’t let many days go by before I just had to try it with an apple theme. I generally decorate with apples in September. It’s not quite fall, but I’m itching for it to be… apples seem to be a happy medium before my leaves and pumpkins come out at the end of the month.

Pick Your Own Fall Apples | Free Printable with hand lettered Colossians 3:23

I started by sketching this one out. It’s not a “no-sketch” by any means. There were too many elements to get just right. I suppose if you wanted to “no-sketch” it, you could always scan each element in individually and put it together in Photoshop… but I didn’t do that this time. 🙂

I love the look of all the farmhouse signs I see, but when it comes time to buy or make one for myself, I can’t make myself do it. Something always seems to be missing. First of all, I wanted to add a verse to it somehow, but I also wanted to make it more personal. I felt like putting “family farm” at the top fit us better since that’s what we pretend to be. Then I loved how “pick your own” fit the attitude of encouraging the children to help out and take initiative.

Pick Your Own Fall Apples | Free Printable with hand lettered Colossians 3:23

I tried a new watercolor paper this time around. Hot pressed. It’s much smoother and [hopefully] easier to scan and clean up in Photoshop for you all. Shayda recently did a video that talks about the differences in watercolor paper, so I was ready for it to be different. It definitely was different, and it will take some practice, but I think it worked out nicely. Nothing you should be afraid to try for sure. The main reason I decided to try it is that Eileen at My Creative Resolution mentioned in a post (no idea which one… sorry!) that the texture of watercolor paper is hard on artist pens. It was at that moment I understood why my pens never seem to last long! 🙂 An ah-ha moment to be sure! The smooth finish of the hot pressed paper should help them to last longer. And it does scan much nicer!

Pick Your Own Fall Apples | Free Printable with hand lettered Colossians 3:23

I know there are already so many fall printables out there, but I don’t often see these seasonal printables with Bible verses on them, so I want to share them with you in the off chance that any of you are still in the market for a cute apple themed fall printable or have been holding out for one with a verse. Click here to download it and visit my slowly growing printables page for more!

Pin it Button from mamasbrush
Pick Your Own Fall Free Printable

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My Shelves Dressed up for Fall

Confession: These are last year’s shelves! Somehow I never shared them with you, but I wanted to kick off this September with a little look at fall.

My Shelves Dressed up for Fall

I first introduced these shelves in my Valentine post (and again this summer), but ironically, these fall pics were taken just days after the shelves were installed. This is the first vignette I put together on them. It’s fitting that it was for fall because it is my favorite season!

My Shelves Dressed up for Fall

Rarely do I decorate the same way from year to year, so I imagine I’ll have this year’s shelf decor to share with you toward the end of the month (you know, when it’s actually fall.)

In the mean time, it’s finally September! And September is close enough to fall to start talking about it in my book! 🙂

Happy <almost> fall everyone!

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A Hand lettered Verse for Fall — Proverbs 25:11

I like to decorate my house for fall, but often times, I’m itching to decorate before it’s really fall-ish around here.  (This year especially, it was still hot until the end of September last week.)

So what’s a girl to do?  I use that in-between time for apples.  They don’t really match the pumpkins and leaves anyway.  And I’m all about matching.

"A Word Fitly Spoken is like apples of gold in a setting of silver." - Proverbs 25:11 Hand lettered

So… when it came to finding something “apple-ish” to put in my little clipboard frame, I just had to make something new.

Proverbs 25:11 is what I came up with.

These are a couple other little decorated spaces. My 10 year old brought me some of the flowers she grew this year.  They match too.

And I painted the fresh baked pie right onto wood in watercolor.  (You just have to treat it first if you want to try it yourself.)

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