Simple Christmas Card Freebie

It’s the Christmas season again and, it seems, time for my annual post. I’d like to believe that I’ll be back again before Christmas actually comes, or at least sometime before next December, but I’m trying realism on for a change. My hands are in way too many baskets these days, and this one must remain at the end of the line.

I’m here today though, because I was craving you all. Craving the old days of sharing the things I design. Craving giving something away and the hope of being a blessing to someone outside my immediate circle. If in anyway you find joy or a smile at something I post here, my work is done.

Seek Him -- Matthew 2:2 | mamasbrush #star #Christmas #wisemen #3kings #cards #ChristmasCards

Today I want to share this simple card I designed some time ago but never did anything with. These simple words. This simple encouragement for your own heart or to pass on to another.

Visit my printables page to download this freebie and print it to share or to keep.

Happy December to you all!

Seek Him -- Matthew 2:2 | mamasbrush #star #Christmas #wisemen #3kings #cards #ChristmasCards

Mountain Lodge Theme Hand Lettered Artwork

Updated 9/2023: I created these Mountain Lodge prints several years ago for our church’s “Cozy Mountain Lodge” women’s retreat. I used them in the centerpieces and gave them away at the end of the event via raffle. This last week I’ve had the opportunity to update them. I’ve learned much over the years about how to digitize my artwork and have some fancier software as well. It was time to “remaster” the original prints and, while I was at it, I made it possible to customize the verses to use your preferred version.

I’m so excited to be able to do this. Version differences, not to mention copyright limitations, have made it difficult to make and share artwork with Bible verses on them. I’m excited to see where this will lead, but for now these Mountain Lodge Prints are available in my shop! Use them at home, as a gift or for church events and activities. I used them as event decor; another lady is using them as a retreat craft. How will you use them?

Gathering here.