Flower Pots Repeating Pattern

Flower Pots Repeating Patternn | mamasbrush #repeating pattern #gardendesign #florals #flowersketchs #wateringcans

This fall, I jumped back into designing repeating patterns, but I wasn’t sure what to do. I thought, I dabbled, I deleted. Then I decided to set it aside and work on something for the upcoming women’s retreat. The theme for it is Come to the Garden. Pots… they seemed like they would be fun to sketch on my new digital tablet. I was still (am still) learning to use my digital tablet and Adobe Illustrator, so it was a good project for me.

Flower Pots Repeating Patternn | mamasbrush #repeating pattern #gardendesign #florals #flowersketchs #wateringcans

After a couple days of dabbling, this is what I came up with. I must say, they made me happy… still do. Please understand that I get excited any time that I try to make something and it actually looks like it might be the thing I’m trying to illustrate. And if someone else can tell what I was going for… even better. 🙂 I am still an aspiring artist in my own mind.

Then I started thinking about what I could do with them. To be honest, the retreat was no longer in my mind. Instead I started visualizing a repeating pattern. (I’ll be using them to do something for the retreat in the next couple weeks.)

I added flowers and color. I moved them around a dozen ways. Before long, I had a design. After a week of voting, not only was it in my top 10 designs, it moved into the number 2 position! That was pretty exciting! You can find my design on Spoonflower here. And see it on “real” products here. (I must say, seeing this pattern on a sheet set makes my heart smile!)

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Flower Pots Repeating Patternn | mamasbrush #repeating pattern #gardendesign #florals #flowersketchs #wateringcans

You can find me gathering here.

Asparagus in my Watercolor Journal


Our asparagus bed is four years old.  Last year was the first year we were able to harvest in plenty.  It was pretty exciting!  This year is even more exciting.  And I find that it can be tough to keep up with the production!

My 2018 harvest log

You should see how much asparagus there is in my fridge all the time!  I try to serve and eat it as much as possible, but I’m admittedly a couple days behind.  And I sent at least a pound home with my sister!  If only the kids loved it.  That would help!


As I was washing newly harvested asparagus the other night, I found myself wanting to paint them (you’d think I’d be tired of them by now, but I’m not).  I started with the paint, not sketches.  It was a fun challenge.

And with 3-4 weeks left of harvest season, I found that this was truly the asparagus challenge for 2018… just try to keep up!


Gathering here!

A Garden Journal Entry from April

IMG_1231Here in the dead of winter, it’s kinda nice to be looking at this spread from last April!  This was such a fun spread to do.

For the record… The asparagus did the best of the whole year.  Last year was not good for gardening!  A few more months and we get to try again.