Hand Lettered and Illustrated Olive Oil Labels

In October, my husband and I enjoyed our first weekend away in eight and a half years. For the first time in that long, the baby was old enough that my mom thought she could do it alone. (Remember, I have 6 children 12 years and younger. We’ve had a baby in the house for 12 years!) He turned three in September, as a joint birthday present for my husband and I (turning 40), she gifted us an all expense trip away and child care. It was amazing!

Long story short, there was this little olive oil and vinegar shop and tasting room almost right beside our inn. It was so yummy! So yummy, in fact, that we, who weren’t going to buy anything, ended up spending $50 on some to take home. Then we decided that we just had to try it ourselves.

Now we don’t exchange gifts with too many people outside our immediate family, but there are some people at my husband’s office and at church that we want to gift to each Christmas.

To some, we gift a platter of cookies and candies we make. Pastors, family friends, neighbors.

To others, including some of the family, we decided to gift some infused olive oils.

My husband found and ordered the bottles (complete with heat shrinking tops and a pack of labels). We infused the oils together using a bunch of recipes we found online. And I designed the labels. If you look closely at the pictures, you’ll notice a blocked out area under “olive oil”. That is where our last name was. The illustration and large hand lettered parts were done by me and scanned into the computer. The other fonts were straight out of Photoshop. It was a fun gift to put together because it used both of us to put together. And while it did take some work (3 evenings after the kids were in bed), it really wasn’t hard.

Have you ever infused olive oil? Do you have any recipes you could share with us? We’re still on the hunt for the perfect ones. 🙂

Gathering here.

Fresh Salsa Watercolor Illustration


**Update:  This is now available in my etsy shop!

This was a super fun piece to work on.  I made it for my dad for Father’s Day last year.  Veggies were on my list of things to try to illustrate and I was really pleased with how it turned out.  I’d like to try it again, or even tweak it some.  My mom has been hinting, if you can call it that, that she’s love some food illustrations to hang in her kitchen.  My project queue is getting long.  I have a Cafe themed Women’s retreat I am illustrating and decorating for, and a couple adoption parties and twins to be born in the church.  But maybe I’ll get to work with more food and veggies sometime. 🙂

I think the cilantro is my favorite part.  And maybe the onion… and the pepper…


Which one of these veggies is your favorite???

Original illustration done on 140 lb. cold pressed paper with watercolor and ink.