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God's Got This - Hand Lettered Artwork - Joshua 1:9

Last year I invited myself onto the women’s retreat planning committee and appointed myself the decorating coordinator. (Then I appointed my mom as my helper, but that is another story for another day.) Last year our theme was “Sweet Life Cafe” with all it’s sweets and coffee loveliness. I had fun painting and hand lettering all sorts of fun cafe themed artwork.

This year, the leadership for the retreat changed and it was even easier for me to force my way into the best committee role there is. I’m so glad that all the other ladies have adverse reactions the idea of decorating such an event. It works out in my favor!

God's Got This - Hand Lettered Artwork - Joshua 1:9

This year’s theme is Cozy Mountain Lodge from Group. Now that Christmas is over, I’ve officially begun working on it. This is the first of the artwork I have planned. I love taking something mainstream and tweaking it.

I’m picturing this on a food table or as part of the centerpiece. We’ll see when we get there.

Updated 9/2023: This print is available “remastered” , customizable for your favorite Bible versions, in my shop! Come on over and have a look!

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He is the God of Hope – Illustrated Verse Romans 15:13

The God of Hope Illustrated Verse - Romans 15:13

I mentioned that I had the opportunity to pray with a couple ladies a couple Sundays ago and it was a beautiful morning.

The service ended and everyone started to bustle around.  We gathered our things and I looked around at the people passing by.  Then a lady I haven’t talked to in many months came walking by.

A small hug. Some chit chat. Then the question, “How are you guys?”  Her answer was real.

“We’re doing okay,” she said with a little hesitation that told me “okay” was coming only by God’s grace.  Then, “but it’s been hard.  We’ve been going through some hurtful things.”

I didn’t know.  I still don’t.  But I asked her if I could pray with her right there, standing in the middle of the sanctuary with people buzzing around us.  And she said yes.

I prayed.  She cried.  And I knew I’d obeyed God’s call on my heart to minister to His people that morning.

The God of Hope Illustrated Verse - Romans 15:13

When the time came to design a card for her, I chose Romans 15:13.  He is the God of hope who is able to fill you with all joy and peace… no matter the season or trials you are walking through!

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing

so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.”

Romans 15:13

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Ask God for Wisdom – Illustrated Verse James 1:5

Spring Chick Illustrated Verse - James 1:5

Some Sunday afternoons, while we are driving home from church, I reflect back over the morning and realize that I didn’t have any truly meaningful conversations.  Oh, we may talk homeschooling or child raising or gardening and chicken raising, people may even be encourage, but too often nothing spiritual comes into it.  And it’s church!

My hearts desire is to talk about what we are learning in the Bible or to get down to the real story of where people are and to pray with them.  I was so excited last weekend to have, not just one of these conversations, but two of them!

A couple days later as I was continuing to pray for two different ladies I got to pray with, I decided that I really wanted to make a card for each of them.

This card is for a friend who is struggling in a new phase of parenting.  I chose the chick for spring (not because it matches the message), but the verse is the only one I could think to encourage because it’s one I need everyday!  I make thousands of decisions everyday, some are completely insignificant, but for others I stand clueless.  I lack wisdom!

“If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given him.” James 1:5

The answer is right there… don’t jump online to find the answers to the latest problem.  Ask God!

Spring Chick Illustrated Verse - James 1:5

A few notes on the illustration:

First off, this is one of the first illustrations I have done straight from my head.  Most of the time I begin an illustration with an inspiration photo.  Often I have seen someone else’s illustration and I want to imitate it or, more often, tweak it to make it my own.  Other times, I have an idea I want to create, but I go in search of another artists version or even a photograph to draw from.  Those are fine tools to use, especially as you learn.  Don’t get me wrong!  But it was supper fun to see this little guy, just as he is, in my head and to sketch him out on graph paper (yep, I start everything on graph paper… it helps with symmetry and sizing.)

After the whole thing was painted and dry, I took out my artist pens to add the finishing touches.  That is such a scary moment.  Adding the pen lines to an illustration has the power to take it over the top, or completely ruin it.  This time…


I gave him chicken pox!

It was horrible.

At first, I decided I’d just give it anyway.  No big deal.  It didn’t have to be perfect to be appreciated.  24 hours later I was ready to start it over.  Then this afternoon I had a few minutes to take pics to share with you and I had an idea.

More feathers!

Spring Chick Illustrated Verse - James 1:5

I was going to trash it anyway, so what did it matter if it didn’t work.  But it did and I’m so glad.  So… lesson?  Sometimes you can add too much with the pen.  But when that happens, sometimes you can add even more and fix everything. 🙂

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Let’s Meet Over Coffee ~God

Let's meet over coffee - Hand lettered Watercolor Illustration - invitation from God card

As I plan out the theme and decorations for the women’s retreat at our church next month, I could go way simpler!  No one would notice if there were no illustrations or if I grabbed some printables online, printed and framed them.  (In fact, the whole thing could end up looking better in the end if I did.)  But I love to do this.  Painting, that is.  And illustrating.  And frankly, sometimes I sit down to paint or draw and I come up blank (note: I was going to say “draw a blank” because I love me some puns, but I didn’t for your sake.  Your welcome!) 

(Shameless Plug: I have these over at my shop if you want one!)

So… I’ve made this my project with “Sweet Life Cafe” as my theme.  I’m going to see how many I can come up with (there are 8 tables that need center pieces).  It’s pushing me for creativity.

Let's meet over coffee - Hand lettered Watercolor Illustration - invitation from God card

This is my second creation (or my third, I guess I’m posting out of order).  It’s a 5×7 original watercolor illustration on 140 lb. cold pressed paper.  I won’t say it’s perfect, but perfect isn’t my goal.  As Shayda says, (she’s my teacher you know), if I wanted to capture this perfectly, I could snap a picture; “illustration is about representing [an] object in your own unique way.”

Let's meet over coffee - Hand lettered Watercolor Illustration - invitation from God card

This hand lettered illustration came about as I was thinking though all the “but first, coffee” signs on Pinterest.  I get that coffee is first for so many people, but I want to encourage a “Jesus first” mindset instead.  This illustration was born out of that desire and I blended the two.  If we are walking through the house blurry eyed early in the morning thinking, “but first, coffee”, then this is God’s little invitation… “Let’s meet over coffee!”

As you are savoring your morning coffee and letting it breath new energy into your morning, open God’s Word and let it breath new life into your whole day.  It can do that!

I’m trying my hand at taking more beautiful pictures of my artwork.  The quilt in the background is an unfinished one I’m making for my almost 6 year old girl. 

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