Scripture Cards for Graduation – Watercolor Illustrated Flowers

Scripture Word Art Cards

Monday we were invited to our pastor’s home for a double graduation party.  Their adopted daughters both graduated high school this year and it was a fun celebration!

I knew I wanted to paint their cards, but I struggled to know what I wanted to do.  I played with some graduation themed illustrations, but they didn’t seem right.  In the end I went with encouraging their future instead of commemorating the achievement.  I may use one of those later this week if I paint one for a guy we’ve been building a relationship with at our grocery store.

Scripture Word Art Cards - Colossians 3:16

I just noticed that I hadn’t put the reference (Colossians 3:16) on this one when I took the pictures.  I did add it before stuffing the card into the envelope.  I put it along the stem above the left leaf.  I liked it.

I got the idea for this card from a pin I saved from Elvie Studio.  I’m still in that learning place where a lot of what I come up with starts with what I love about other people’s work.

Scripture Word Art Cards - 2 Timothy 1:7

I got my inspiration for this one on Pinterest too.  Mine is different.  I like theirs better. 🙂  But it was good practice, and I still think it turned out fun.

Best of all, the girl’s liked them and it’s something they can take away to school next year and put up in their rooms if they want.

Gathering here.