Baby Shower Invitation – Gender Neutral Hot Air Balloon Theme

A new baby is expected this summer in our church… the first for this family. And when there is a first baby, that means a full on baby shower (as apposed to sprinklings). For this gender neutral baby shower we are celebrating with a hot air balloon theme.

Hot Air Balloon Baby Shower Invitation

After my 10 day (unplanned) blogging break, I’m back and heading into a busy week of party prep. With no time to paint this past week, there’s not much to post around here, but, if I can swing it, I’m hoping to keep you up to date on the baby shower prep this week.

For church showers, I generally design invitations digitally and the church secretary sends it as a jpg embedded into the email to the whole church. The *cuteness* factor of a *real* invitation with the simplicity (and frugality) of email.

Mom and Dad are waiting to find out whether they are having a boy or a girl so I took my inspiration from my gender neutral wallpaper design last fall — Born for Adventure! It’s been fun to use something I designed for something real again!

Gathering here.

Save the Date Coffee Cups

Last year I shared this cute prototype for a save the date card we used for our cafe themed women’s retreat. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I have updated that post with all the templates I created and used to make it. I also included some tips to make your project even easier!

These would be great for save the date or invitations for cafe themed parties, retreats or weddings. You could also use this for thank you notes or even just a note of encouragement if you change the tag.

Click over to read the post and download the template files for your own.

If you use it, I’d love to see a pic. Just leave me a link so I can see!

Gathering here.

Custom Wedding Invitation – Sunflower Theme

I don’t think I’ve anticipated the arrival of a wedding invitation as much as I did this one.

Friends of ours got engaged this spring and I was quick to offer any help I could give.  It was so much fun to use my mad Pinterest skills and party experience to help her plan her wedding.  But it was even more fun when they wanted me to design their invitation.  The folder work is all hers, but the hand lettering and painting is all mine. 🙂

It was great fun.  As was the wedding this past weekend!  Now that it is behind us, I feel free to share this with you all!

Complete with RSVP and direction cards.  That RSVP card was after one the bride saw online and the invitation was inspired by this one on Pinterest.


The learning curve on digitalizing of my art and hand lettering was steep, but I learned a lot in the process!  Hopefully it will keep getting easier.