Praise the Lord ~ Ladybug Verse Print

Praise the Lord ~ Ladybug Verse Print | mamasbrush #ladybugs #digitaldownload #Verseprint #whimsicalart #springartprint #summerartprint

I first shared about this Ladybugs in the Grass print 4 years ago just after my (now) 10 year old daughter’s 6th birthday (Ladybug theme).

The verse is decorated with grasses, flowers and ladybugs. She loves ladybugs and adored this piece. Sometime in the last couple years the painting went missing and she was so upset. Her face just lit up tonight when I printed out this new version for her to hang next to her bed. The artwork has been reworked digitally for distribution and is ready to be downloaded and printed by your favorite printer or at home for immediate display or gifting!

The print is listed in my Etsy shop now and is available to you, my beloved readers, for 33% off for the next 7 days.

Praise the Lord ~ Ladybug Verse Print | mamasbrush #ladybugs #digitaldownload #Verseprint #whimsicalart #springartprint #summerartprint

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Praise the Lord ~ Ladybug Verse Print | mamasbrush #ladybugs #digitaldownload #Verseprint #whimsicalart #springartprint #summerartprint

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Ladybug Birthday Party Theme

Chalkboard Art - Ladybug Birthday Party Theme
I try to use my chalkboard for each event I do (my sweet husband built it for me!)… It’s something I am still working on, but it’s a fun touch for our birthdays. 🙂

My youngest daughter loves ladybugs (she’s 7). I am glad for her sake that they always seem to be in the house. She get so excited, carries them around, and then, begrudgingly, lets them go free when it is time.

It wasn’t hard to pick a theme for her birthday. A ladybug birthday for my little ladybug!

Tea Party Lunch - Ladybug Birthday Party Theme

She wanted a tea party like her sister (and her brother for that matter), so we made lunch into a tea party complete with flower shaped pb&j. We had pink juice int he tea cups.

The children loved getting to make the paper flower and ladybugs on the table. (pinspiration here) It may not be as cute to us moms as the pin, but the kids had so much fun and the birthday girl loved that they made them for her.

Other foods were ladybug apples, ladybug bruschetta, and ladybug cheese and crackers.

I made the cake with red “dots” inside as a surprise. There are several ways to do them. I just made mini-muffin cupcakes and shaped them with a knife. They also make sphere pans for making them, but we couldn’t find one last minute.

Ladybug Cake - Ladybug Birthday Party Theme

I followed this tutorial for making the little frosting ladybugs. I did it all with frosting instead of edible pen, but it worked too.

Ladybugs on grass Hand lettered Psalm 150:6

And I made this for her also. (I told you in that post that I’d share this party, but never did. Sorry you had to wait so long! (UPDATED: a revised version of this painting is available in my Etsy shop!)

I try to illustrate and or paint something for the kids birthdays when I have the time and inspiration. She loves this one and put it in her school binder to see everyday. Makes my mama heart smile.

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Ladybug Birthday Party Theme

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Ladybugs Illustrated Card

Ladybugs on grass Hand lettered Psalm 150:6

Updated March 2022: You can find an updated version of this artwork in my Etsy shop here.

Yesterday was my little girl’s 6th birthday and so I just had to design her a little card.  She’s super excited to put this in the front clear pocket of her binder as she is starting official first grade tomorrow.  She’s been begging me for a while now, so I am making it happen for her (having a 4th homeschooling is pretty scary!)  We would have started today, but today she got to go to work with Daddy as is tradition on the birthday for the kids who are old enough to be away from Mommy all day (the littler ones get taken out to lunch).

Ladybugs on grass Hand lettered Psalm 150:6

Where was I?  Oh yes, the birthday card.  Her theme was ladybugs (because she just loves them and carries them around the house as long as possible whenever she can catch one.)  The illustration was inspired by this pin, but I’m not sure about the original source as I repinned this and it doesn’t point right to it.  If anyone knows, leave a comment!

Ladybugs on grass Hand lettered Psalm 150:6

The illustration just screamed to have lettering added to it, so I chose Psalm 150:6 – “Let everything that has breath praise the LORD!”  As my little ladybug gets better at reading this year, she can begin to learn the verse on her card. 🙂

I’ll share more about the ladybug birthday later in the week. 🙂

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