Mistletoe Gifts and Decor

I love mistletoe! Am I the only one? Somehow I never have any hanging in my home, but I gravitate to all the cute mistletoe signs on Pinterest and I’ve taken to painting and designing products with it over the past 4-5 years now.

Several years ago I designed this wall art, but as Christmas is approaching, I wanted to do something more with it.

In this new bundle you can get cards, tags, bookmarks, stickers and clipart in various styles. Click over to see details of what’s included at my shop!

Gift Tags: "A good book at bedtime is like a kiss good-night."

Here’s my favorite part… with my cards in the past, and even with the card I have in this set, I always felt like I was restricting things to couples… romance. That leaves a whole lot of people out! I don’t like leaving people out! I Know a lot of people who might already feel left out at Christmas and I don’t want to be responsible for that! I love how these bookmarks and tags open things up a little.

Bookmarks: "A good book at bedtime is like a kiss good-night."

I can see these being gifted to all the members in a book club! Or to that friend who loves to read! Or stuck in a stocking! Or tags tied to a book on Christmas morning! Or maybe it’s for you!

Speaking of you… I still have my “In this house we do mistletoe!” wall art. Don’t want is this big??? Print it out any size you want and set it on a shelf or mantle. Or gift them to your mistletoe loving friend! The set also includes this as a PNG file with a transparent background! Put it on a mug… I did and it’s so cute (hmmm… a pic of that would be great right now!)

There you go… right in the middle of this pic from last year’s Christmas Market (how did I never blog about that???). My mistletoe mug! I just love it! I give you permission to have it put on a mug! (for personal use… please don’t sell anything you buy from me. If you are interested in that, we can talk about a commercial license!)

Where were we? Ah, yes… mistletoe. Don’t think I’m against romance and actual kissing! (Have you seen my bedroom wall art? That should be back in my shop soon. If you want it now, message me and I’ll get it done!) I’ve still got a cute card you can slip in to husband’s lunch or into the mail for that love far away! Come over to see my updated Mistletoe Bundle. I can’t wait to hear how you are going to use these!!

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