April Egg Log – Bullet Journal Style Record Page

April Egg Log - Bullet Journal Style Egg Record/ Log for keeping track of your flock's egg production.

Remember these?

Last year I hand drew some bullet journal pages to keep track of my chicken eggs. Sadly, we’re poor on the follow through and rarely remember to fill them in. 🙂 But they were fun to make and some of you really liked them. I know that you are really good at keeping records about your flock, and I want you to have some cute record sheets to use!

Watercolor Chicken Artwork by mamasbrush

I created some cute chicken artwork just for the occasion. I’ve set myself a goal of creating these egg logs each month, but life does get busy in the spring/summer, so no promises. 🙂 If you don’t want to miss any, click to “follow” in the side bar! 🙂

Download your April Egg Log here.

You can print them full size and put them in your 3 ring chicken or farm binder or on a clipboard. You can also shrink them when you print and glue or tape them into your bullet journal. Let me know what you decide.

Update March 2022: New in my Etsy shop… I now have egg logs for all 12 months with seasonal artwork to bring some fun and whimsy to your daily tasks! Come on over to check them out!

Gathering here.

April Egg Production Tracker for the Bullet Journal

***Updated 4/2/19: I have begun making printables for your homestead.  Find a growing library of them here.

April Egg Production Tracker

I’ve been busy here with non art related things.  First off, we had baby chicks in the house.  Then there is the outside work when weather was good.  And in my “free” time, I’ve been working on my now six year old’s quilt (it was a birthday gift for her 4th birthday.)  Ahem.

So, I was excited to have a couple things in the art world take priority this week.  Two are cards I worked on for ladies at church (hopefully I’ll be able to share them soon.)

This is the other.  April was starting and I needed somewhere to log our chicken egg production.  So I thoroughly enjoyed a couple hours of quiet yesterday afternoon, after I got the kitchen clean, finishing up this page in my farm journal. 🙂

April Egg Production Tracker

I’m not thrilled with the colors.  I still say that kid’s markers work fine for this, but the color choices don’t always end up being exactly what I wanted.  Oh well.  It’s a bullet journal.  I’m choosing to let go of perfection and just enjoy the process. 🙂

Gathering here.