New Love Snowman Ornament

Confession: I haven’t been painting much since I stopped posting in early 2020. I have, however, been working digitally more and more. (Honestly, it’s just less set up, less time, and less energy to do during this super busy season of life.) And this is what led to my new drawing tablet for my birthday this last year. LOVE!

Framed Snowman Ornament for New Love | mamasbrush #ornament #newlove #dating #firstchristmastogether #snowman #snow #love

That’s just the tool I used to create this super cool couple (see what I did there?) I’ve had the pleasure of discipling a young lady in our church during the last year and I wanted to do something special for her Christmas gift. She wasn’t quite engaged, but she is now. I didn’t want to use something so cuddly as my Let’s get cozy snowcouple, so I settled with a “new love” ornament. I stayed with my personal snowman style and I’m really happy with how it turned out.

In staying with my recent trend, I forgot to take any pictures of the finished product. (Eyeroll) Thankfully, she took a picture of it and graciously shared it with me. 🙂

Framed Snowman Ornament for New Love | mamasbrush #ornament #newlove #dating #firstchristmastogether #snowman #snow #love

I printed it on card stock, sprayed it with a clear sealer for waterproofing and brushed it with a sparkle glaze. Then I put it in a simple frame that I painted a light green and again with the same sparkle glaze. (She loves glitter!) It was so cute! She said that next year this will be the first ornament she hangs. 🙂

Did you make any Christmas gifts this year? What was your favorite?


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A New Way to Frame My Watercolor – Calipso Watercolor Illustration

Last year we enjoyed a family membership to the National Aquarium in Baltimore. It was a drive from our Pennsylvania home, but they have these member nights when there are only a limited number of people there at a time. We literally had entire exhibits to ourselves sometimes!

And with our membership, we were able to bring guests with us, so a number of times, we invited a friend of ours and her daughter to join us. So when Christmas gift giving time came around, I thought it would be fun to make them an ornament to remember our trips to the aquarium together.

So this is Calypso. For those of you who don’t know, he’s kind of a star at the National Aquarium.

And I’m just loving this new framing method. It doe attach it permanently, so I may have to tweak things if I want it not to someday, but for ornaments or other permanent things, it works great!

I blogged about the other ornaments I framed this way here. And I learned how to make these here.

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Tandem Bicycle with Baby Trailer Ornaments for Baby’s First Christmas

Am I the only one still finishing up Christmas presents?

No? Oh good.

Yes? Oh well. I had 4 weeks of sick kids, 2 surgeries (on kids), 2 birthdays, Thanksgiving and a slew of local Christmas related deadlines all squeezed into the 6 weeks before Christmas actually got here. Then there’s Christmas itself. Do I feel bad that 3-4 Christmas presents still need to be shipped/given/finished? Maybe a little, but I’m trying to just roll with it (Get it? Bikes… rolling? No? Okay, sorry. We’ll just say “pun un-intended”.)

That means that there are still a couple Christmas-ish posts left in the year. Not counting yesterdays. Though… they aren’t all Chrsitmas-y, so maybe we’re still okay.

The first is this set of ornaments I made. A new baby was born in the family (I mentioned it yesterday), and we wanted to do something special. First a little background…

He proposed on a picnic/tandem bike ride, so I embroidered/quilted them a tandem bike table runner for a wedding gift (I will have to look for the pic). Turns out, the decor at the wedding was also bikes.

Last year I made them an “expecting” ornament, because I love gingerbread… and she was. Totally unrelated to the whole bike theme.

So this year, I wanted to do something special and I thought I’d return to the original theme. But first, they needed an anniversary ornament to go along with it.

Then I could make the baby trailer to go along with it. I made them separate, designed to hang next to each other. This also makes it easier to add on more trailers if more babies should come down the road (haha… again, so appropriate for the biking theme! I just love surprise puns!)

By the way, I learned how to make those fun frames over here on YouTube.

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