New and Improved Thanksgiving Wreath

I’ve added some new products to my pumpkin wreath. I love this little design, but I wasn’t happy with my listing on Etsy. I wanted more for it… so today I took the time to make it what I wanted it to be! And gave it a face lift in my shop too!

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Wreath | mamasbrush

I guess it started this past winter when I began coming out with my little bundles for various holidays, but this one was still just wall art. Prints for framing. Like I said, I love mine, but I wanted more for this little guy… more for all of you!

Thanksgiving Pumpkin Wreath Bundle | mamasbrush

So now, in addition to the 16×20 wall art prints you can put on your Thanksgiving mantle and the 8×10 frames you can place on your holiday shelf, you can also send Thanksgiving cards, gift bookmarks, and tie on little wreath tags to your hostess gifts and around silverware on your Thanksgiving table!

This Thanksgiving Wreath Bundle and my other fall products are still on sale for 50% off in my shop this week if you want to grab yours for Thanksgiving! Come on over!


Thanksgiving Pumpkin Wreath | mamasbrush

Fall Blow-out

I can’t believe October is almost over! Let’s have an Etsy sale! My family and I were at a fall bon fire tonight where we cooked hot dogs and s’mores over a fire and enjoyed some great fellowship! Colorful leaves and hay rides made the perfect evening! Sitting at home now I just had to share fall with you in the way of a sale! I’ve got a hand full of pumpkin items on sale for 50% off!

pumpkin wreath print

One of my favorite fall decorations, especially for Thanksgiving, is this pumpkin wreath!

pumpkin cupcake toppers

These cupcake toppers are an adorable addition to gatherings or a festive family night!

Pumpkins and Trucks baby shower bundle

Grab the whole baby shower bundle or head over to grab individual items! (Ask me if you don’t see what you want!)

pumpkins and trucks greeting cards

Pumpkin greeting cards to bring a smile to any occasion!

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know this 50% off sale isn’t something I do often, but I’m getting ready to count down to Christmas. Check in at my shop or here at the blog to see what is on sale each week. I’m planning at least 50% off on select items through November and December!

God Honoring Pumpkin Wreath Printable

I know it’s already the end of October, but I just have to sneak this fall printable in before it’s too late. This is an updated version of something I painted with watercolor years ago (if you look close, you can see it in this post). I’ve always loved it and wanted a way to share it, so here it is!]

Thanksgiving and Fall Decor | mamasbrush 

Pumpkin Wreath with phrases: gather together, give thanks, and glorify God.

I have plans to print this at various sizes and mount it to a block of wood or a little wood house for the Christmas Market coming up (I often sell a handful of fall decor items since it’s right before Thanksgiving!). I may also do some larger scale on plywood and add a frame myself. It will take a bit of time, but keep my costs low for resale since I’m able to use scrap.

Thanksgiving and Fall Decor | mamasbrush 

Pumpkin Wreath with phrases: gather together, give thanks, and glorify God.

I just love love love it framed up simple. Download, print, and place it in a frame. It’s quick decor or a great last minute gift (as many gifts as you want for one price!) Offered in vertical, horizontal or square formats.

Want to add this to your fall decor this year? I’ve set up a coupon code for my blog readers. Enter PUMPKINS30 or click here for 30% off this item through November 1st!

Thanksgiving and Fall Decor | mamasbrush 

Pumpkin Wreath with phrases: gather together, give thanks, and glorify God.

You can find me gathering here.