A Separate Niche? And how specific?

First I drink the coffee, then I do the things wall art with blue mug of steamy coffee and coffee beans.

I’m new in this Etsy world, and as such, I’m still learning with each passing week. One of the ideas I’m trying to grasp is this idea of niche-ing down. I guess it’s supposed to help me with my SEO (another learning curve to be sure!) All that to say, “everyone” seems to encourage separate shops for separate types of product (since I wrote that, I did find one person who says it isn’t necessary, which is good since it’s super hard to do it all the way). I’ll be playing with this some in coming months (I’m a slow learner and, as I said in my last post, this is my busy season.) I suppose I’ll move some of the things I already listed in my shop to another shop that is more “niche-d down”, but in the mean time, I have indeed started a new shop.

I’ll be honest with you all. I’m figuring all this out as I go… or not. (Probably not!) I’m not one of those “made $2000 my first month on Etsy” types. (Wouldn’t that have been cool?!?) I’m excited that I’ve sold anything! Really, that some of you actually like some of what I do is very exciting to me! So in this first step of choosing a niche and sticking with it, I’m doing something “they” say not to do at the same time. I’m trying to sell wall art on Etsy.

Let's meet over Coffee Print

minimal, black and white line art, Bible and Coffee, word art, wall art

Apparently it’s very competitive. I understand this concept. If there are thousands of other artists trying to share what they make on Etsy, how will I ever stand out? That’s the trick, though, isn’t it? Finding my niche in the wall art world. This new shop will focus on the decorating side of what I do. My first shop is off to a good start in the functional and practical side of my illustrating — like my Egg Counting Sheets, Bible Journal, and Bullet Journal Pages (more to come). This second shop will be the online presence of the decor side of mamasbrush. (As relavent listings in my first first shop expire, I’ll move them to this new shop.)

Do Hard things like Esther Wall Print

Crown, pink, word art, minimal

I have a small handful of items already listed with plans for many more. This is also the shop where I will sell my seasonal and holiday decor. (Christmas in July anyone?) If only there were more hours in the day. 🙂 But as it is, I’ll just keep picking away at them and add what I can when I can.

To celebrate the opening of my new shop, I’m having a sale through June 8th. Come on over and check it out!

You can find me gathering here.