Anna’s Wedding Bouquet: Digital Planner Stickers

Anna's Wedding Bouquet Inspiration | Wedding Invitation | from mamasbrush designs

Last year I had the joy and privilege to design the wedding invitation for a sweet couple in our church. I brought out my paints and paper and went to work. It was so fun! With some back and forth between us, I think the end result was beautiful! Shown here are the two options for the RSVP/Registry card. She picked the back one, but I wanted to share both with you.

In the last 5-6 months I’ve been working on a big project. One of my biggest so far, in fact. I’ve turned Anna’s wedding invitation into an entire design collection, complete with a second colorway. I’m working on the finishing touches to the collection for fabric, but while I’m waiting for that, I’ve followed this line of inspiration to some new places.

Today I would like to introduce…

Digital Planner Stickers | Anna's Wedding Bouquet from mamasbrush designs

Add a romantic and beautiful feel to your everyday digital world.

Anna’s Wedding Bouquet Digital Planner Stickers by mamasbrush designs.

These stickers are designed for use on your tablet’s digital planner/calendar/bullet journal in your note taking app, but they can also be used on any computer where PNG files can be used (not suitable for printing). They aren’t just for weddings, but add a romantic and beautiful feel to your everyday digital world.

As always, I want to offer my readers an opportunity to get these stickers at 33% off for the first week I have them in my Etsy shop. Enter coupon code ANNASTICKERS33 or click this link to have the discount taken automatically through April 15, 2022.

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Why February 15th Roses are Better

This year Valentine’s Day just happened to fall on our weekly dinner and grocery shopping night. My mom stays with the kids and my husband and I go out. Sometimes it’s a slice of pizza at the store and other times it’s one of the many restaurants we love.

Why February 15th Roses are Better

After dinner, we went shopping. Wegman’s is our store of choice. We actually find that it’s “Family Pack” options are less expensive than BJs and Walmart. At any rate, as we entered the store, we walked right into a huge display of roses. Of course they were beautiful! But I wasn’t even interested!

“Those will be cheaper tomorrow!” I said as I skirted around them.

Why February 15th Roses are Better

Fast forward to Friday, February 15th. Dinner was running late, so my sweet husband picked up the few things we still needed from Walmart on his way home. When he finally got home, he had these beautiful yellow roses. They are so pretty! And the best part… they were 50% off!

Yes, it’s true, February 15th roses are better than roses on Valentine’s Day… at least for this practical mama!

And that pretty pitcher? We bought it from Bed, Bath and Beyond during our Thursday night shopping trip with a coupon. It matches my new (Black Friday 2018) “fancy” dishes and was only $11.99. (Not an affiliate link) I think we’ll be adding the other serving pieces over the next few months as we have coupons. They will look pretty in my new display cabinet (I’ll have to share pictures of that someday soon) and on my table.

Why February 15th Roses are Better

The painting, I decided to do late last night. My father-in-law had arrived late and we were all just talking in the kitchen. The flowers were so pretty just sitting there on my table in my new pitcher and I gave in to the impulse to try to paint them without doing a sketch first. So there I was, standing at the kitchen counter painting while my husband and his dad were sitting on the stools and we all talking.

I started with the yellow, then added the greenery. Last I added just the shading for the white pitcher. (Painting white things is tricky!) I waited til morning to add the pen.

I took a before and after pic for you so you can see the difference between pen and no pen. I’m often afraid to add the pen because I’m happy with how a painting looks so far and I know that I can completely ruin it if I do the pen wrong. But more often than not, I love the end result with pen so much more. It just makes it pop! Not to mention defining lines and clarifying the object being painted.

So which do you like better? Flowers on February 14th or 15th?

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My February Art Journal Prompts

February Art Journal Prompts - Week 1

This month, I decided to join in with Awesome Alice and her February Hand Lettering Prompts. That said, I’m doing it my way. 🙂 (I almost never follow a recipe exactly.)

What are my tweaks? First, I’m doing a combination of hand lettering and illustration, depending on my inspiration. Second, I’m not necessarily doing one each day (obviously, since I have the first 7 done already.) But for me, it’s more something to push me out of my comfort zone. I joke with people that if I just painted what I was comfortable all the time, I’d only ever paint pumpkins. But there is some truth to it. 🙂 But I do intend to do all 28… whether I want to or not.

Below, I’m including the original prompt with the pic.

Rose - hand lettered February prompt
1. “Red Roses”
A love note from God - hand lettered February prompt
2. “Be Mine”

This is one of my favorites. Isaiah 43:1 says, “But now thus says the LORD, he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel: “Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are mine.” (emphasis mine.

Jesus, You are enough - hand lettered February prompt
3. “You are enough”
Hearts - hand lettered February prompt
4. “Heart”
Romantic Bunnies - hand lettered February prompt
5. “Romance”

This is my first attempt at bunnies. I never would have tried them without the prompt.

I love you - hand lettered February prompt
6. “I love you”
Cupid's Bow - hand lettered February prompt
7. “Cupid”

Okay, so it’s cupid’s bow. I decided it was close enough.

It has been a super fun challenge for me so far, but I am pretty sure it’s just going to get harder. 🙂

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Hand Lettered Verse — Watercolor Rose Wreath

God looks on the heart hand lettered quote with rose wreath frame

My baby girl is turning 10 today.

It is hard to believe!

God looks on the heart hand lettered quote with rose wreath frame

We chose a rose garden theme because she is loving flowers lately, and especially roses.  I told her she can have some space in our garden for flower beds and she is so excited.  We found bulbs and seeds as presents and the promise of a Knock-out Rose bush of her very own as soon as they are in stores around here.

God looks on the heart hand lettered quote with rose wreath frame

I’ve started painting something for each of my children for their birthdays, so this is what I painted for her.  I chose 1 Samuel 16:7 because I want her to remember this important truth about beauty.

Happy birthday sweet girl!


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13 years


13 years ago today, my husband and I were married.  So, in honor of today, I’m sharing my visual journal entry from last year… when it was only 12 years.

I painted this from the 2 dozen red roses my sweet husband brought me for our anniversary.  They commemorated the roses he bought me when he first told me he loved me.  Isn’t he thoughtful!