Twins Nursery Art

Twins were born a couple weeks ago to a lady in our church.  My plate has been stacked a bit full, so today I finally got the sprinkling table up for our church family to bring gifts.  Usually we would throw a whole party for new mamas, but it just didn’t workout for the family this time, so we opted for this instead.

I so enjoyed the nursery art I painted for the last one, that I just knew I wanted to do another.  This time we are celebrating twin boys born to first time parents.  I asked a couple months ago and found out they decorated the nursery in an ocean theme.  This is what I came up with for both the sprinkling and for the nursery art.

Ocean Theme Twins Nursery Art

Welcome, Noah and Andrew, to our church family!  We look forward to seeing you grow up and being a part of your lives!


Gathering here.

Watercolor Dolphin Illustration

I already mentioned that I’ve started painting something for each of my children on their birthdays.  They love it!

I did this one for my second son last summer when he turned 7.  We did a dolphin theme birthday.  They all put their paintings in the front pocket of their school binders.  It makes me smile. 🙂

I couldn’t find a picture before and the binder was missing.  Happily, the binder has been found (we can now file all his school papers from the last month plus instead of stacking them around the house), so I was able to take a couple quick pics for you. 🙂

IMG_1932And just for fun, this was his dolphin cake. 🙂  The dolphins are sugar cookies.