Girl Jumping in a Puddle in my Art Journal

Another installment of my April art journal page.

Illustrating children - Jumping in a Puddle

A few weeks back I told a bloggy friend I follow that I’d be participating in this 100 day project and that I’d be working on illustrating people. Well, I did it a few times and even saw some improvement, but this isn’t a good time of year for me to be promising to do anything everyday. 🙂 I can barely paint at all.

However, while I’m also trying to do a some of the April hand lettering prompts over at Awesome Alice, I decided that this “puddle” prompt should involve at least some of a person. 🙂 So this is my “Little Girl Jumping in a Puddle.”

I love that I can get the playfulness of the moment without a face. 🙂

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Illustrating children - Jumping in a Puddle

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