Merry Christmas – Shelves

Merry Christmas - Shelves | mamasbrush #shelves #shelfdecor #Christmas #gingerbread #beadgarland #decor #holiday

December has just rushed by! I was starting to feel kinda lame about all the things I didn’t get done in time for Christmas this year, but then I was reminded of all the things that did happen this month and I’m feeling a little better. There was a lot in this month that I don’t usually take on. It’s a wonder anything happened at all. 🙂

One of the things I hoped to do this month was share a couple more posts, so here is at least one of them. I just love these shelves that my husband made me. They are made from beams he removed from our 1900 home. Yes, those are 120 year old nail holes in the sides where the lath was attached. Aren’t they beautiful? And that’s not stain you see on there. That’s the actual color of the wood! I love them!

I also love that they give me a fun place in my kitchen to decorate seasonally. (You can see other ways I’ve decorated them in the past.) This is how I did it this month!

Merry Christmas - Shelves | mamasbrush #shelves #shelfdecor #Christmas #gingerbread #beadgarland #decor #holiday

On the shelves: Gingerbread man and lady salt and pepper shakers were a gift (split over both shelves), Top shelf: wood snowflake was from Hobby Lobby this fall, the “Tree Lot” was something I custom made a few years ago, mini rolling pin was a gift, Bottom Shelf: cookie cutter set and peppermint candy bowl were gifts, red and green bowls were part of a set of 6 different colored bowls I mix and match throughout the year purchased at BJ’s years ago, and the wood bead garland was something I made for Christmas Market this year.

I hope you enjoy December’s shelves, and most of all, that you have a very Merry Christmas! Hope to see you in the new year!

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My Own Art on a Tea Towel

Back in September I entered a design contest with Spoonflower. It was one of my favorite fabric designs so far… the little girl making a snowman. It was entered in the “pun” category with the little hand lettered “making friends” off to the side.

Well, when my mom was buying a bunch of fat quarters of my 2019 calendar tea towel for Christmas presents, she bought this one for me. And she did the sewing to make it into a tea towel for me. I just love it… though the design on it is much bigger than it was in my head. 🙂 But it is exactly what I wanted it to be… a sweet little winter decoration.

The top (back if it’s hung) of the towel is filled with these snowflakes of different sizes. I’m so afraid of getting it dirty, though, that I think it would make a better pillow. I’m looking forward to grabbing up a fat quarter (or 3 or 4) to make pillows for next winter. Hopefully I’ll get to share them here if I do. It is so much fun to see my own art on something. If you want to purchase your own fat quarter of “making friends”, head over to my Spoonflower Shop… and let me know what you do with it!

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