My Shelves Done up for Valentine’s Day

I love these shelves! My husband made them for me out of American Chestnut (Okay, maybe they aren’t American Chestnut. Turns out they are probably something that looks like it, but they are still beautiful and I still love them!) beams from our house. The holes you see there are nail holes that held the lath on. And the little bit of striping is from the spaces between the lath. No stain applied, if I remember correctly.

Valentine Shelves Decor

I love these shelves. They give me a place to add some seasonal fun to my kitchen. It’s just another opportunity for me to be creative. Which, for this month, includes a few ice cream dishes, some sprinkles and cookie cutters. The pink piece of wood with the xo on it was made by my 12 year old son several years ago. On the top shelf is one of my Conversation Hearts and a heart garland my 10 year old daughter made several years ago. That one is one of the things the kids are trying to sell here locally to pay their own way to camp. The jar of candy in the back is sort of just stored there. I’m thankful it’s color scheme works. 🙂

Do you have any little spots for seasonal decor??

Gathering here.

Grandpa – Watercolor Donut and Handlettering

"Grandpa" -- memories in Watercolor and pen -- Donut illustration

When my sister and I were young, we used to spend the night at our grandparents from time to time.  Saturday morning was always the same.  We would climb into their bed, cuddle up, and watch cartoons on the Disney Channel… which they only had for us.  We didn’t have it.

Then, when my grandfather was ready, we would put on our Cabbage Patch slippers and he would take us to the donut store in our jammies where we would pick 13 of whatever donuts we wanted and a bear claw for him.

Back again, we would find that Grandma had made hot cocoa on the stove and we would eat as many donuts as we could.  There were always plenty left over.

"Grandpa" -- memories in Watercolor and pen -- Donut illustration

Wednesday is my grandfather’s birthday.  I don’t usually send a gift, but I was thinking of him earlier this month and was remembering one of my favorite and most clear memories of him growing up .  I hope he likes it.

Saturday morning.


Picking our own donuts.


"Grandpa" -- memories in Watercolor and pen -- Donut illustration

Happy birthday Grandpa!

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