Keep Calm and Get Cozy – Women’s Retreat Decor

Keep Calm and Get Cozy with God's Word

Yes, a shameless borrow of the super trendy “keep calm” movement. (Can I call it a movement?) I usually stay far from it. Even though I too love the most clever versions, I prefer to enjoy from afar (ahem… Pinterest anyone?) But this one crept into my head and I just couldn’t help myself. I borrowed from a similar design I created last year, and it just had to be part of our “Cozy Mountain Lodge” women’s retreat this year.

Now, it’s not perfect. I wasn’t planning to hand letter the “keep calm” part and then decided to at the last minute. But… when I did, I didn’t plan it out and the spacing isn’t perfect. Nothing Photoshop won’t fix. Yes, it’s cheating. But for this kind of thing, I’m okay with that. And I prefer it to redoing the whole thing. 🙂

Updated 9/2023: This print is available “remastered” , customizable for your favorite Bible versions, in my shop! Come on over and have a look!

Gathering here.

Coffee and Friends… the perfect blend – hand lettering and watercolor illustration

Coffee and Friends... the perfect blend.

This is another 5×7 hand lettered illustration for the women’s retreat centerpieces.

Coffee and Friends... the perfect blend.

I found the quote on Pinterest (surprise surprise, I know), and early on, I saw the cups (or something similar) with their steam there as well, but the illustration and styling is my own.

Coffee and Friends... the perfect blend.

I just love the coffee beans at the bottom.  I was still trying to decide if I would add a boarder (which is funny, because I almost always do) when something just seemed missing.  I think they brought just what the whole illustration needed, don’t you?

Original artwork done on 140 lb. cold pressed paper. 

Something Warm and Cozy


Here… now I have something to share that is appropriate for January.  Especially since it’s the coldest it’s been for a long while.  Negative 10 windchill here this morning.  Not normal for here.  Surely the coldest I’ve been in, had I gone out in it.

Anyway, back to the point.  I made this card during the fall of 2016 for a friend I don’t get to see or talk to often.  It just seemed appropriate… if only I’d ever sent it.  🙁

I’m not great at that part. 🙂

Original artwork done on watercolor paper in watercolor and ink.