Summer Break

Are summers hard for anyone else?? I supposed every season has it’s difficulties and it’s joys. Don’t get me wrong… this summer has been great! But it’s super busy and it’s hard to get around to things like blogging and creating new content and anything Etsy!

This summer (among the vegetable gardening, yard landscaping, decluttering and general home cleaning and organization for a family of 8… plus homeschooling that we start up in July) I’ve been exploring a new kind of creativity… a new art. Flowers! My 15 year old daughter is interested in flowers and wanted to sell them this summer, so we planted a bunch and have been learning all about it together.




So much to learn, but so fun… and she’s been selling some too.

In recent weeks, though, I’ve been itching to get out of the garden and back to creating for my Etsy shop. For now, Christmas items are back in the shop and stay tuned for more!