Monster Theme Birthday Party on a Budget

One of the many parties I’ve had the pleasure of planning since Covid appeared and I disappeared was this fun Monster Theme Birthday Party. Inexpensive and super fun!

Monster Theme Birthday Party | mamasbrush #monsterparty #birthdayparty #boybirthdayparty #monsters #eventplanning #partyplanning

It was a casual at home family party, shutdown style, but the little details made it special to the little monster we were celebrating. I tied together balloons into great bunches and incorporated white ones into the mix as eyes, with black “pupils” colored with sharpie. Black circles of paper would also work.

I used my Cricut to cut out the number 5 and letters of his name. If you don’t have a Cricut, scissors and scrapbook paper (or any paper for that matter) would work just as well.

Monster Theme Birthday Party | mamasbrush #monsterparty #birthdayparty #boybirthdayparty #monsters #eventplanning #partyplanning #chalkboard

I love my trusty chalkboard. I get so much use out of it! If you have one, this was a super simple thing to draw. Just make a bubbly, lumpy shape with the side of your chalk, coloring it all the way in. Then with the tip, trace around the outside. I used a q-tip to clean away the shape of the mouth, added white teeth, and the eyes. This chalkboard is the first thing the kids see when they come downstairs. It is usually the way they figure out the surprise theme for the day.

Monster Theme Birthday Party | mamasbrush #monsterparty #birthdayparty #boybirthdayparty #monsters #eventplanning #partyplanning
Monster Theme Birthday Party | mamasbrush #monsterparty #birthdayparty #boybirthdayparty #monsters #eventplanning #partyplanning

Other balloons were used independently around the room, stuck to walls or resting in containers. I added a wiggly eye and a little smile or other shaped mouth and, poof, a monster was born.

Monster Theme Birthday Party | mamasbrush #monsterparty #birthdayparty #boybirthdayparty #monsters #eventplanning #partyplanning

This was an empty jar I had laying around. I bunched up some dark blue fabric inside and added some eyes and a mouth with water-based paint pens (note: make sure they are water-based. The oil-based paint pens may not come off.) Easy, quick, and cheap party decoration! 🙂

I love to use those water-based paint pens to add a touch of birthday to the bathroom mirror too. These monsters were simple to draw. I just scribbled a random shape and added eyes and other details to make them into monsters. One of them even has little toes (just lines people… you can do this!)

Monster Theme Birthday Party | mamasbrush #monsterparty #birthdayparty #boybirthdayparty #monsters #eventplanning #partyplanning

Breakfast was regular donuts picked from our local donut shop. To them I added candy eyes (those candy eyes are the maker of monsters!) Easy peasy! Just as easy with donuts from Walmart or even toast and jam for a more frugal option!

Monster Theme Birthday Party | mamasbrush #monsterparty #birthdayparty #boybirthdayparty #monsters #eventplanning #partyplanning

The Monster cake is my favorite part of the day. I started with a plain two layer cake and frosted it with the orange. Then I added the candy eyes in various sizes all over. On top are 6 cupcakes that I frosted with the blue using the star tip. Those eyes are simply mini cupcakes stuck on paper straws. I frosted them in the same blue and added large candy eyes. So simple to make, but such a great impact!

Are there any little monster details you plan to try on your next party? Let me know how it goes! 🙂

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Monster Theme Birthday Party | mamasbrush #monsterparty #birthdayparty #boybirthdayparty #monsters #eventplanning #partyplanning


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Kitty Cat Birthday Party Theme on a Budget

Kitty Cat Birthday Party Theme on a Budget

The other day I shared a how to on making a Kitty Cat Cake, but today I want to share the rest of the party. When I say “party”, please know that it’s nothing big. It’s just us (we are 10 people when my mom and sister join us, so we are a party already!) And the budget isn’t big either. This whole thing took a shopping trip and an afternoon to put together. Not too bad. And with more help, it could have been even faster. (My sweet husband did blow up all the balloons for me… that was a huge time saver!

**UPDATE: You can find my new
Kitty Cat Party Pack
on my Etsy shop here!**

I’ll be linking to my Pinspirations throughout the post, but you can find a bunch of Kitty Cat themed ideas (ones I used and ones I didn’t) on my Kitty Cat Party Board. I would have done more if the week weren’t so crazy already.

Kitty Cat Chalkboard - Kitty Cat Birthday Party Theme on a Budget
Pink and grey balloon “ears” on top are a good example of how things don’t always work out but kids like it anyway. 🙂

I didn’t have a lot of time for the chalkboard this time, but she thought it was the best board ever because it had a kitty face on it. (Another perfect example of how things don’t have to be purrr-fect for them to love it.)

Kitty Cat Nose and Whiskers on Balloons and Tableware - Kitty Cat Birthday Party Theme on a Budget

I found the idea for the Kitty Balloons at Best Friends for Frosting. Looking at them just now, I realized I forgot the ears, but they were still really cute and no one missed them. Hers may have been cuter, but no one here noticed. 🙂 The cups were Martha Stewart inspired, and again, not exactly the way I did it. Hers had eyes. The plates were inspired by a cat party from Writing about the Journey. Jump on over there to see more of their ideas!

When she told me she wanted “Mama Made Pizza” for her birthday dinner, I was very excited. Full sized kitty pizzas jumped into my brain. I did some “research” and found Pinspiration in a Cat party by My Paper Crane. (Her cake was a litter box cake… you have to see it!) But I think the mini Kitty Cat Pizzas I pinned were just as cute.

Easy Kitty Cat Cake from a Box Mix and Standard Pans

And then there is my Kitty Cat Cake (Don’t miss the how to I posted earlier this week!)

A Couple of Cards

These are a couple cards I made in December 2016.  The one on the left for my sister for her “star” theme birthday (yes, I theme her birthdays too.)  It’s done on watercolor paper.

The one on the right was for a friend who came to play games with us one evening.  She’s a knitter and I saw this idea on Pinterest.  I was low on time, so I did it on card stock instead of watercolor paper.  The affect is different, but I thought it turned out cute just the same.  I’m hoping to do it again in the future to see what I can do with it.