Simple Ways to Decorate Your Coffee Bar for Christmas

Tis the season for decorating and bringing Christmas joy to our families through our efforts, and I love the idea of bringing our coffee bars and cocoa bars (for those of us who go that way) along with us. Whether you’re an avid coffee enthusiast or just love the cozy ambiance of a well-decorated space, these simple and creative ideas will help you turn your coffee corner into a Christmas haven.

Festive Mug Display

Mugs and decor I’ve gathered over the years.
The coffee sign you can find in my shop!

Start by showcasing your favorite holiday mugs. Arrange them on a tiered tray or floating shelves, and mix and match designs for a charming, eclectic look. Add a touch of greenery or tiny ornaments to each mug for an extra festive touch.

Seasonal Flavors and Garnishes

Update your coffee bar with seasonal flavors like peppermint, gingerbread, or cinnamon. Display the syrups in decorative bottles and arrange fresh cinnamon sticks or candy canes in jars for an inviting visual appeal. These additions not only enhance the flavor of your coffee but also add a delightful aroma to the space.

String Lights and Garland

Embrace the warm glow of the season by draping your coffee bar with string lights or fairy lights. Twine them around shelves, cabinets, or hang them along the edges. Add a touch of greenery with Christmas garlands to complete the look.

Themed Coffee Station Signs

You can find the digital files for this sign in my shop. It’s not specifically Christmas,
but will fit all year with your other decor.

Create charming signs or chalkboards with festive coffee-related quotes or greetings. Use holiday-themed fonts and colors to match the Christmas spirit or place something simple into a Christmas space. Place these signs strategically around your coffee bar to add a personal and welcoming touch or set them front and center.

Adorn with Ornaments

Utilize Christmas ornaments and decor to creatively decorate your coffee bar. Hang them from the shelves, attach them to garlands, or place them in glass jars. Choose ornaments that complement your overall decor theme and color scheme.

Seasonal Coasters and Napkins

Swap out your regular coasters and napkins for festive alternatives. Look for holiday-themed designs or colors that resonate with the Christmas spirit. It’s a small detail that can make a big difference in tying together the overall look of your coffee bar.

Transforming your coffee bar for Christmas doesn’t have to be complicated. By incorporating these simple and creative ideas, you can infuse your space with the warmth and joy of the holiday season. So, brew a cup of your favorite seasonal coffee, sit back, and savor the magic of Christmas in your beautifully decorated coffee nook.

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Winter Wonderland Baby Shower

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Hot Cocoa Bar Decor | mamasbrush designs

Blue and white party decor, chalkboard art, cocoa bar chalkboard, Winter baby shower, winter dessert table

This week I hosted a Winter Wonderland baby shower for a lady at our church. I specifically picked a January date because I really wanted to do this theme.

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Hot Cocoa Bar Decor | mamasbrush designs
Blue and white party decor, chalkboard art, cocoa bar chalkboard, Winter baby shower, winter dessert table

I placed my chalkboard sign at the entrance to the room with one of my family’s favorite winter decorations. At home we call him, “Mr. Man… Mr. Snow Man.” At any rate, I’m not sure what happened to his jacket. It seems he was messed with after I set him up (kid helpers!) and I didn’t notice for the picture. Oh well. (See, parties don’t have to be perfect to be a blessing!)

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Hot Cocoa Bar Decor | mamasbrush designs
Blue and white party decor, chalkboard art, cocoa bar chalkboard, Winter baby shower, winter dessert table

Those little snowmen on the right were Hallmark singing snowmen from 20 years ago. When I started having kids I took the batteries out (sanity preservation!) and changed them from red to blue for our January decor at home.

The jar is full of cotton balls and has a sign that says “Snowballs 5 cents”. I had it in my kitchen with black and white ribbon but switched it to blue for the baby shower.

The framed print is something I designed.

Snowman baby shower gift art | mamasbrush designs 
James 1:17, snow mama, snow baby, snowflakes, winter art, winter verse art, winter wonderland baby shower

I have this in my Etsy store now.

I originally created it with pen and paper 5 years ago (5??? Crazy!) for a baby girl Sprinkling I did that January. I like to call this “Where snow babies come from.”

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Hot Cocoa Bar Decor | mamasbrush designs

Blue and white party decor, chalkboard art, cocoa bar chalkboard, Winter baby shower, winter dessert table

I’ve been waiting for a chance to set up a hot cocoa bar for something and this was it. Can you see that sign on the wall? Wait…

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Hot Cocoa Bar Decor | mamasbrush designs
Blue and white party decor, chalkboard art, cocoa bar chalkboard, Winter baby shower, winter dessert table

Here it is closer. This is a chalkboard placemat that the kids got for Christmas. The link will take you to the product on Amazon (not an affiliate link, I get nothing for this). When the kids opened it Christmas day, I told my aunt (who sent them) that I was stealing the extras for me! 🙂 I wasn’t kidding. I love these! She sent them with these great chalk crayons too, which I cannot find on amazon yet. I’ll have to look for them some more because we’ll want to be able to get them again. (I may have to review these in a separate post… super cool!)

Anyway, back to the party. I used my chalk marker for this and was super happy with the way it turned out. Rolled up some scotch tape and taped it to the wall.

The shower was for a baby boy, so it was super easy to use blues in our decor. I love the way sprinkles, candies and Hershey kisses in blue really make the table pop!

I didn’t go out of control crazy on the food since cocoa is filling and sweet in itself. Instead I focused on cookies. This mama was dairy free, so I switched up some ingredients in my go to sugar cookies and added some meringue cookies to the mix. I also whipped up some dairy free dark chocolate for dipping the pretzels in. To add some gluten free options (in addition to the meringues, which are naturally gluten free) I also dipped some gluten free pretzels in the dark chocolate (I’m so glad I did as another mama and her little girl in attendance needed gluten free and dairy free treats!)

Mix up some dairy free cocoa with almond milk and you are all set!

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Hot Cocoa Bar Decor | mamasbrush designs
Blue and white party decor, chalkboard art, cocoa bar chalkboard, Winter baby shower, winter dessert table

I love these cups I picked up second hand (leftovers from a friend’s wedding). They were originally from Amazon (again, I get nothing from this link, just passing it on). The circle sticker was something I designed with my fun little snowflakes. Adding these little details to your parties makes them even more special! I’m planning to have those stickers in my Etsy shop for next winter!

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Hot Cocoa Bar Decor | mamasbrush designs
Blue and white party decor, chalkboard art, cocoa bar chalkboard, Winter baby shower, winter dessert table

I didn’t remember to get a picture of these big hanging snowflakes until after guests had begun arriving, so this is only half the room, but aren’t they fun?!? I found them here on Pinterest. I can’t tell you exactly how the process went because I asked a co-host to make them for me, but she said they were fun and easy. We also used the cheap white lunch bags from Walmart, so the whole things was just a couple dollars for big impact! We had 5 of them in the room.


Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Hot Cocoa Bar Decor | mamasbrush designs
Blue and white party decor, chalkboard art, cocoa bar chalkboard, Winter baby shower, winter dessert table, diaper cake

I made this cute little snowman diaper cake for the gift table. You can see a super short video clip of it here if you want more angles. I used 72 size 2 diapers, white dot fabric to cover the rubber bands, 2 black buttons for eyes, felt to shape the nose and a cheap pacifier (cut off the mouth part) and hot glue it all on the fabric. The receiving blanket adds to the gift and makes it look more like a snow baby. I used 6, 8, and 10 inch cake pans to hold the diapers until I get them banded together.

And that’s it! I hope you found some little thing you can use in your own celebration or decorating and enjoy these last days of January!

Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Hot Cocoa Bar Decor | mamasbrush designs
Blue and white party decor, chalkboard art, cocoa bar chalkboard, Winter baby shower, winter dessert table, diaper cake
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Check out my Winter Wonderland Baby Shower Pin Board on Pinterest if you are looking for more ideas!

A Separate Niche? And how specific?

First I drink the coffee, then I do the things wall art with blue mug of steamy coffee and coffee beans.

I’m new in this Etsy world, and as such, I’m still learning with each passing week. One of the ideas I’m trying to grasp is this idea of niche-ing down. I guess it’s supposed to help me with my SEO (another learning curve to be sure!) All that to say, “everyone” seems to encourage separate shops for separate types of product (since I wrote that, I did find one person who says it isn’t necessary, which is good since it’s super hard to do it all the way). I’ll be playing with this some in coming months (I’m a slow learner and, as I said in my last post, this is my busy season.) I suppose I’ll move some of the things I already listed in my shop to another shop that is more “niche-d down”, but in the mean time, I have indeed started a new shop.

I’ll be honest with you all. I’m figuring all this out as I go… or not. (Probably not!) I’m not one of those “made $2000 my first month on Etsy” types. (Wouldn’t that have been cool?!?) I’m excited that I’ve sold anything! Really, that some of you actually like some of what I do is very exciting to me! So in this first step of choosing a niche and sticking with it, I’m doing something “they” say not to do at the same time. I’m trying to sell wall art on Etsy.

Let's meet over Coffee Print

minimal, black and white line art, Bible and Coffee, word art, wall art

Apparently it’s very competitive. I understand this concept. If there are thousands of other artists trying to share what they make on Etsy, how will I ever stand out? That’s the trick, though, isn’t it? Finding my niche in the wall art world. This new shop will focus on the decorating side of what I do. My first shop is off to a good start in the functional and practical side of my illustrating — like my Egg Counting Sheets, Bible Journal, and Bullet Journal Pages (more to come). This second shop will be the online presence of the decor side of mamasbrush. (As relavent listings in my first first shop expire, I’ll move them to this new shop.)

Do Hard things like Esther Wall Print

Crown, pink, word art, minimal

I have a small handful of items already listed with plans for many more. This is also the shop where I will sell my seasonal and holiday decor. (Christmas in July anyone?) If only there were more hours in the day. 🙂 But as it is, I’ll just keep picking away at them and add what I can when I can.

To celebrate the opening of my new shop, I’m having a sale through June 8th. Come on over and check it out!

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Coffee Pairs Nicely with Everything

Coffee Lover Gift, Coffee Pairs Nicely with Everything Wood Sign, Canvas, Cards, Stickers, Tags, Vinyl for Cricut or Silhouette | mamasbrush

A few months ago I saw one of those “coffee pairs nicely with silence” signs that are out there. Have you seen them? There are tons. I thought of my father-in-law. He likes silence! 🙂 Then I started thinking about my mom… she thinks coffee pairs nicely with EVERYTHING! So I did a search… and another. And another. It wasn’t out there! I was shocked. Surely more people love coffee THIS much!

Coffee Lover Gift, Coffee Pairs Nicely with Everything Wood Sign, Canvas, Cards, Stickers, Tags, Vinyl for Cricut or Silhouette | mamasbrush

So I set out to making one… but I wasn’t sure if what I came up with was THE one.

Coffee Lover Gift, Coffee Pairs Nicely with Everything Wood Sign, Canvas, Cards, Stickers, Tags, Vinyl for Cricut or Silhouette | mamasbrush

So I designed another… and another… and another.

Coffee Lover Gift, Coffee Pairs Nicely with Everything Wood Sign, Canvas, Cards, Stickers, Tags, Vinyl for Cricut or Silhouette | mamasbrush

Until I had 7 designs. Some are just slight variations of another, but I couldn’t decide which I liked better. I asked Husband… and Mom… and sister. Wouldn’t you know it, they all liked different ones.

So in the end, I decided to use them all, in one bundle of coffee goodness. Because, sometimes, silence doesn’t happen! There are 7 designs in black and white for cutting on your Cricut or Silhouette cutting machines. I picture these designs on canvas or wood in your coffee bar. I’m planning to make some of those signs to sell at Christmas market later this year!

I’ve also made those 7 designs with a touch of color for printing! Print and frame them, make them into stickers, or cards, or tags. Possibilities are limited only by your imagination!

Coffee Lover Gift, Coffee Pairs Nicely with Everything Wood Sign, Canvas, Cards, Stickers, Tags, Vinyl for Cricut or Silhouette | mamasbrush

You can find these in my Etsy shop now. And, as always, I want to offer my readers a 33% discount this week to celebrate their addition to my shop. Click here to get that discount automatically, or enter coupon code COFFEEPAIRS33 at checkout. (Follow my blog in the sidebar to hear about future sales!)

How are you going to use it? Pop over to my pin to share a pic of what you make with it! 🙂 I’d love to see it!

Coffee Lover Gift, Coffee Pairs Nicely with Everything Wood Sign, Canvas, Cards, Stickers, Tags, Vinyl for Cricut or Silhouette | mamasbrush

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Coffee Sign – Home Brewed, Served Always!

Coffee Sign - Home Brewed, Served Always | mamasbrush  #CoffeeSignBundle #Coffeesign #CoffeeSVG #CoffeeBar #CoffeeStation #CoffeeLoverGift #CoffeeDecor

I designed this “Coffee, Home Brewed, Served Always” sign as a gift for my mom a couple years ago. My husband gave me a new Cricut for Christmas that year and I wanted to make something for my mom with it. None of the signs out there fit just right. Most read, “Fresh Brewed” and “Served Daily”, but my mom doesn’t care if it’s fresh and drinks it all day long.

Click over to my shop to see a quick video of the finished product on her coffee maker.

Coffee Sign - Home Brewed, Served Always | mamasbrush  #CoffeeSignBundle #Coffeesign #CoffeeSVG #CoffeeBar #CoffeeStation #CoffeeLoverGift #CoffeeDecor

I sold a couple framed at the Christmas Market the kids and I participate in this past year. One was vinyl on canvas and the other was printed and placed in a homemade frame. Now it’s in my Etsy Shop as a digital download so that you can make your own.

Coffee Sign - Home Brewed, Served Always | mamasbrush  #CoffeeSignBundle #Coffeesign #CoffeeSVG #CoffeeBar #CoffeeStation #CoffeeLoverGift #CoffeeDecor

As always, I want to offer my readers a discount for it’s first week in the shop! (Follow my blog or sign up to receive them by email so you don’t miss a discount on future products!) Click here to get the discount code applied automatically, or enter Coupon Code ALWAYS33 FOR 33% off for the next 7 days!

Coffee Sign - Home Brewed, Served Always | mamasbrush  #CoffeeSignBundle #Coffeesign #CoffeeSVG #CoffeeBar #CoffeeStation #CoffeeLoverGift #CoffeeDecor

Garden Theme Women’s Retreat Decor

My part is to make the weekend special. To make it beautiful. To make each lady feel like they’ve truly stepped into a retreat space!

Garden Theme Women's Retreat Decor | mamasbrush #Christianretreta #womensretreat #eventdecor #gardenthemedecor #gardentheme #cometothegarden #springdecor #farmhousespringdecor #flowerdecor #decoratingwithflowers #springcoffeebar

This past weekend was our church’s annual women’s retreat (thus less posting last week as we were getting things ready and this week because I’m catching up around here.)

Our theme was “Come to the Garden”… basically, a garden theme women’s retreat! I came up with the idea last year as we were setting up for that retreat. The weather was gloomy and I really wanted to be putting flowers everywhere. Poof, the garden theme women’s retreat was born!

Garden Theme Women's Retreat Decor | mamasbrush #Christianretreat #womensretreat #eventdecor #gardenthemedecor #gardentheme #cometothegarden #springdecor #farmhousespringdecor #flowerdecor #decoratingwithflowers #springcoffeebar

This actually turned into a budget friendly theme for us, decoration wise anyway. I expected to have to buy a lot of flowers to get the feel I was looking for, and that was going to be expensive. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. Then I visited the decorations closet at the church (if you’re church doesn’t have one of these, it really should! I use ours all the time for party planning, retreats and other events at the church.) If you don’t have one of these rooms, ask around for ladies in the church who may have flowers or other details they don’t use anymore or are willing to share.

Garden Theme Women's Retreat Decor | mamasbrush #Christianretreat #womensretreat #eventdecor #gardenthemedecor #gardentheme #cometothegarden #springdecor #farmhousespringdecor #flowerdecor #decoratingwithflowers #springcoffeebar

Many of the flowers in these pictures are from the decoration storage closet, others are mine from home. I made some signs, like the “let us grow” sign here. The wood beads are also mine, but so easy to make in any color.

This is the downstairs space that we used mostly for gathering in the evenings. I asked a wonderful group of helpers to just sort through the totes and make it all pretty! They did a great job. I literally couldn’t have done it without them. I had just under 2 hours from the time we could get into the facility to when our program started.

I picked up some free pillows someone was getting rid of and my mom made cases for them out of the green check print. Then we covered my couch pillows with a yard or so of fabric each from my stash, and tied them on so they would be temporary.

In the middle picture you can kind of see two other signs I made. One says “herbs” and the other says “prune and grow”. I also snagged my daughter’s summer hat to add to the mix.

The bunting is something I helped my oldest daughter make several years ago for her Little House birthday. I’ve used them so many time. I think they are made from some Figtree and Co. fabric. I use them all the time for baby showers, bridal showers, etc. This year I am going to hang them in the kitchen for spring.

Garden Theme Women's Retreat Decor | mamasbrush #Christianretreat #womensretreat #eventdecor #gardenthemedecor #gardentheme #cometothegarden #springdecor #farmhousespringdecor #flowerdecor #decoratingwithflowers #springcoffeebar

There is a kitchenette downstairs in the lodge we used for the retreat this year. I love to turn it into a pretty coffee/tea/cocoa bar with pretty cups and plates and such. I always stow the coffee organizers they have out on the counter and bring my own pretty ones. This space is simple, but effective!

Behind it is this little cafe like seating area. It was so easy to place cute cloth napkins out with a bouquet of flowers on each. Again, super simple, but super effective!

Garden Theme Women's Retreat Decor | mamasbrush #Christianretreat #womensretreat #eventdecor #gardenthemedecor #gardentheme #cometothegarden #springdecor #farmhousespringdecor #flowerdecor #decoratingwithflowers #springcoffeebar

We decided this year to set up a second drink station in the upstairs room where most of our sessions were taking place. The tea collection both upstairs and down belong the head of the retreat planning committee. She loves to share and this year has all matching jars. It made me so happy! 🙂 We brought the white carafes from church to keep things pretty and light. That is a white paper table cloth with plastic backing I have on top of the pink cloth. It prevented the spilled coffee and tea from staining the pink.

That is another sign I made for the weekend too… the “but first COFFEE”. I love how it fit in with the whole look. All the signs were made using my Cricut to make vinyl stencils.

The lace looking bunting was from last year’s tea party retreat. My sweet mama made all those for me last year using this tutorial. I was thrilled to use them again. She couldn’t be with us this year but was super excited to use them used again when I sent pics.

Garden Theme Women's Retreat Decor | mamasbrush #Christianretreat #womensretreat #eventdecor #gardenthemedecor #gardentheme #cometothegarden #springdecor #farmhousespringdecor #flowerdecor #decoratingwithflowers #springcoffeebar

I tried to keep the tables simple this year. Once 8 ladies are squeezed around a 6 foot table with all their stuff, there isn’t much room in the middle. 🙂 I bought 7 of those cute flowers and garden tins from Dollar Tree and painted them white. They scratch easy (be warned) but they were super cute with the flowers in them. I decided to put these together ahead of time and bring them pre-made so that we could just put them on the tables. We used a bunch of the flowers at the church and poked them into some of the green flower foam (also in our decor closet). I use the word “we” lightly. One of the teens at church helped me out by doing all the arranging. She did a much better job than I would have in a fraction of the time. 🙂 I was thrilled she was there to help. I then scattered left over blooms and greens along the tables and placed a couple mini garden tools we had with them. Super easy!

The event turned out beautiful and had it’s intended affect. The ladies were loving the feel of the surroundings and were blessed by both the fellowship and the teaching throughout the weekend. I always say, my part of the events are far from the most important, but I enjoy showing love to the ladies who come by making their surroundings special!

If you enjoyed this garden theme women’s retreat, please pin the following image or share it on other social media!

Garden Theme Women's Retreat Decor | mamasbrush #Christianretreat #womensretreat #eventdecor #gardenthemedecor #gardentheme #cometothegarden #springdecor #farmhousespringdecor #flowerdecor #decoratingwithflowers #springcoffeebar

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Christmas Market 2021

Yes, I’m running behind. But since I struggle just to get here at all, I’ll do what I can. Just because I’m not posting, doesn’t mean I’m not doing… in fact, it’s probably because of all I’m “doing” that I rarely get around to post.

2021 Christmas Market Display | mamasbrush #woodbookstacks #Christmasdecor #winterdecor #craftfairdisplay #craftfair #woodbeadgarland #signs

All that to say… here are some pics of this year’s Christmas Market. The kids and I participate in it together and my mom comes to help. Sometimes that means we work together on projects, sometimes that just means we all contribute our own work and sell at the same table. This year my three oldest and I sold. The kids use the money they make from the market to help pay for summer camp. I used mine to by my husband a Christmas gift. 🙂

2021 Christmas Market Display | mamasbrush #woodbookstacks #Christmasdecor #winterdecor #craftfairdisplay #craftfair #woodbeadgarland #signs #treeornaments

We had a number of ornaments this year. Some were from past years and a handful were new.

2021 Christmas Market Display | mamasbrush #woodbookstacks #Christmasdecor #winterdecor #craftfairdisplay #craftfair #woodbeadgarland #signs #minibookstack #ornament

My 11 year old son and I made these extra-mini book stack ornaments. They turned out so cute!! In the tree pic above you may be able to see the “Hot Cocoa” and “Candy Cane” versions too.

2021 Christmas Market Display | mamasbrush #woodbookstacks #Christmasdecor #winterdecor #craftfairdisplay #craftfair #woodbeadgarland #signs

As far as book stacks go, we also made this cute regular mini sized book stack. I used dowels for the mini-marshmallows on top. This sold almost immediately. We’ll be making more next year! 🙂

2021 Christmas Market Display | mamasbrush #woodbookstacks #Christmasdecor #winterdecor #craftfairdisplay #craftfair #woodbeadgarland #signs

My oldest son (15yo) and I did these big books as well. I’m just loving these book stacks! We’ll be making some spring versions for sure!

You can also see some of the garlands and rolling pins I did. And the snowman salt and pepper shakers. We gave them an upgrade from last year, replacing the burlap with black and white check. I love them! 13yo DD made them a couple years ago.

2021 Christmas Market Display | mamasbrush #woodbookstacks #Christmasdecor #winterdecor #craftfairdisplay #craftfair #woodbeadgarland #signs

This shot is more of my tiered tray. There are so many cute things in here. My mini “home brewed” coffee sign, a couple more bead garlands and more rolling pins.

Here are a few more snowman signs like I shared last weekend. I just love the square one. When I get around to making my own, I’ll do it that way.

2021 Christmas Market Display | mamasbrush #woodbookstacks #Christmasdecor #winterdecor #craftfairdisplay #craftfair #woodbeadgarland #signs

I expanded on the mugs I sold this year. In addition to the ones I made last year, I also had some printed with original artwork. I forgot to take close ups of the mugs, but one is my snowmama and kid hugging. It says “I love my snowmama”. Another mug has an illustration of mistletoe on it and says “In this house we do mistletoe.” The last design is my “home brewed, served always” coffee print. I didn’t sell enough to break even on those this year, but they were fun to include and hopefully more will sell next year.

It was our best year so far and we had such a fun time doing it. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of what we did this year!

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2021 Christmas Market Display | mamasbrush #woodbookstacks #Christmasdecor #winterdecor #craftfairdisplay #craftfair #woodbeadgarland #signs

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Simple (and cheap) Chocolate Theme Birthday Party

It’s a chocolate themed birthday party! Super inexpensive, simple and fun. The kids loved it and so did my mom (the birthday girl).

Mole Chicken - Chocolate Theme Birthday Party

So, a couple weeks ago we celebrated my mom’s birthday with a chocolate theme. We often go out for dinner on her birthday, but there is chocolate in Mole sauce and she LOVES her Mole. No question… I would be cooking. (We got our all-you-can-eat sushi a few days later!)

I kept the decorations pretty simple. I spent August trying to recover and catch up from the unexpected 10 days we spent in the hospital with my daughter in July. Only now am I starting to feel we’re back to normal.

Mole Chicken - Chocolate Theme Birthday Party

I made the Hershey Kisses by wrapping foil over upside down bowls of various sizes. The paper is just printer paper I cut into strips and put messages on. Are they perfect? No. But they were well received and did their job. The little ones in the next picture (on my shelves) can also use the top of a water bottle instead of a little bowl, but I forgot to keep the ones we had. If you do that, you can fill them with candy and give them as party favors too. Since it’s always just us at these parties, we didn’t need the candy or the favors. 🙂

Chocolate Theme Birthday Party

The Chocolate Tuffles and Cupcake cards could have been framed, but I didn’t get to the store for the frames, so they were cute on their own. My mom has since framed them and hung them in her chocolate themed bathroom. They doubled as gifts.

The chalkboard frame is just a cheap white frame (my go to frame for all my artwork because of it’s simplicity) from Walmart with a black sheet of paper in it. I used a white water based paint pen to do the illustration of a mug and hand lettered “just add chocolate and cream please” on the side. I love that frame! Silly that it took me so long to pull it together!

Chalkboard - Chocolate Theme Birthday Party

As you know if you’ve been around for a while, I decorate my large (husband made) chalkboard for birthdays and events too. Everyone has come to look forward to it and uses it to help determine the theme for the day when I keep it a secret. This one says “birthday wishes and chocolate kisses.”

Brownie Cake - Chocolate Theme Birthday Party

This brownie cake on the back of a Ghirardelli Brownie box mix was the inspiration for the theme. This past spring, my mom saw the picture of that Ombre Brownie Cake on the box and declared that she wanted to try that. I decided that day that we would do it for her birthday.

I’ve never made ganache before and as you can see, my cake doesn’t look exactly like the picture. It was a good first run though, and I hope to do it again because it was yummy!

Note: Not all (or any) of your plans have to work out just right. The person or people you are celebrating will still feel loved that you tried to make their day a big deal! Don’t let fear of failure (or failure itself in my case so often) keep you from going all out!

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Cheap and Easy Chocolate Birthday Party

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Cacti in Mugs – Repeating Pattern

Cacti in Mugs - mamasbrush

I’ve created another repeating pattern for Spoonflower’s Design Challenge. The main reason I enjoy participating in these is because they push me to create something I wouldn’t otherwise create. This week’s theme is Desert Modernism, and while I’m not sure I’d call this modern, it is my take on their theme. I wouldn’t have chosen to paint cactus just for me and I certainly wouldn’t have thought to put them in mugs if I wasn’t painting them at all.

In the end, I’m a super pleased with how they’ve turned out. Voting is over here if you are into that. 🙂 (Voting now closed. I didn’t win… but it’s okay, I’m just in it to grow.)

What do you think?

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